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They have been researching, supporting and investing millions of dollars in these issues. Complexion has been talking and working on the issues of climate changes their problems and solutions, advancements in fuel technologies; where consumers can get the efficient fuels in affordable prices, reducing GOGH (greenhouse gas reduction) in operations including reduced hydrocarbon flaring, CSS (Carbon capture ND storage) technology reducing overall emissions.

They have spent more than $100 million in CUFF (controlled freeze zone) technology which ultimately will address the risks in climate change, along with co separations from raw natural gas. Co- generation is their exciting, ever growing hi-tech innovative approach in producing electricity from raw materials and consumer products; an ultimate scientific recycling process. Their most advancement in vehicle and fuel technology is astounding. They are launching a concept of production the next generation bio-fuels from photosynthetic algae.

Lithium ion battery technology making a zero-emissions vehicles, new tire lining technology for vehicles tires longevity better fuel efficiency and plastic automotive technology are the another edge of Snowmobiles changing world vision. Thus the public sense who were always wanted to be more and trendy now was pushing Complexion, if not they were indirectly knocking the Complexion to awake. Complexion has always been in business with the slogan of innovations and change. They have not only changed the prospectus of oil business but also have clearly shown their planning up to 2030.

Their reference record is quite impressive too, in 2003 they had a stronger earnings performance through their history $ 21 Billion dollars – Net Incomes $30. 8 Billion Dollars – Cash Flow They continue to sell more than 65 Million gallons of fuel every day & operate in over 100 countries; it is a worldwide company & the biggest oil company. Competition/Rivals & Market Source: Wisped Complexion has changed the concept of the world the way it looked to energy and fuel related subjects.

They have developed such a technologies and services that are directly related to meet the consumers’ needs. Thus, their change and innovative ideas were directly associated with easy lives. These steps were not only made Complexion a strong leader among the competitors, technically and financially with profitability. People working can be a part of a big ethical organization that believes on innovations and change. They are more likely to be productive, innovative and efficient. Organizationally, they have already gone to the next level of business and brand.

On the other hand, the consumer level which are its main and only source of survival, are likely to be more satisfied with hat they were getting. F Company Structure Board size consists of Between 10 and 19 members Election of Directors – Shareholders selection Mandatory Retirement – No Director over 70 Years Annual evaluation of performance. Corporate Managers On the left is former Chairman & CEO Lee Raymond who retired with a compensation package of $400 million. Rexes Tillers has taken helm of the company as Chairman.

Standing Committees Compensation Committee Discharge the Board of Directors responsibilities relating to the evaluation and compensation of the Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer and other senior executives. Board Affairs Committee Monitor compliance with good corporate governance standards Identification of qualified individuals to become Board members Recommend to the Board director nominees for election at the annual meeting of shareholders Advisory Committee on Contributions Provide oversight and direction to the Corporation’s overall contributions objectives, policies and programs.

Audit Committee Conduction of the Corporation’s financial reporting process. Integrity of the financial statements and other financial information. Corporation’s compliance tit legal and regulatory requirements. The independent auditors’ qualifications, performance, and independence. Annual independent audit of the Corporation’s financial statements. Fore Fore is used to conduct business in many foreign countries.

Is subject to foreign exchange rate risk on: Cash Flow related sales Expenses Financing and investment transactions. Its a functional currency, Management selects the functional currency after evaluating this economic environment. (US dollar) Fore Strategies Involve upstream, downstream and chemicals operations normally use the local rerun, except inflationary nations(Latin America, Singapore & rest of Asia) Crude & National Gas use the Dollar(Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guiana and the Middle East).

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