ikea case assignment

The KEA concept is working well all over the world, the same values are used everywhere, relatively cheap furniture, a friendly approach and self- service. Of course KEA is adapting to the local culture when it is required, small changes in the Middle-East and The Far East. As local values are different from the European values. By example the KEA manuals in the Middle-East doesn’t show women putting together the furniture as this is considered a male job in the Arabic world. Kike’s main missions, goals and values are all in this booklet all employees receive called “Testament of a Furniture Dealer”.

Values stated in the book are simplicity, humility and honesty on both internal and external relations. Kike’s Mission is to supply a wide range furniture of good quality and durability for a good price so a wide range of people have access to it. The main target group is young families with an average income. KEA is able to keep the prices low because all components of the furniture are mass produced, also everything is stored in flat packs kits so it doesn’t take much space. Also the fact that people have to construct their own furniture t home saves a lot of money.

This combined with the good customer service proves to be a good working formula as KEA stores are all over the world. If a customer has trouble moving his just bought furniture KEA offers car roof racks and even rental KEA vans. KEA is also working hard to make their products environmental friendly, step by step they are working towards a business based on ecological principles. This strategy was created in the late sass’s as customers grew more environmental conscious and were boycotting companies that didn’t adapt to the changing environmental demands of the public.

The organizational structure of KEA is set up like this. ANGINA HOLDING B. V. Is the main company, which is owned by the Stitching Angina Foundation. All of the departments are a part of the ANGINA HOLDING B. V. The five person committee is in control of the KEA, if one of the members dies or quits the other four members choose his or her replacement. This way the vision of the company will stay more or less the same.

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