I’m confused on what to do

There was another sheet that says:

        The Black Plague Simulation Game

Imagine that You are traveling to a variety of towns and villages on a pilgrimage or a trading voyage. It is the time of the Pestis Puerorum a form of the Black Plague which is particularly virulent among children and young people, durinv the mid 1300’s. It is the second great plague to invade Europe. This plague was so deadly that it took until the 1800’s before the population again rose to the numbers before the Plague, about 500 years.

The rules of the Journey:        

-When you visit a town or village you will roll One  Die to see how many nights you will spend on that particular place. Now roll both dice for as many nights as you are staying. (If you are staying for 2 nights you will get 2 turns to roll the dice.) If you get double 6’s or 4’s you have contracted the Plague Bacterium. And is you stay in a location more than 2 nights and you roll 2 doubles you have contracted Cholera.

-If You ​​​​​​​Do Not contract either, continue on your journey and mark your journey at the table below.

If you ​​​​​​​Do Contract​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​the plague or cholera you need to mark where you got the plague. And sadly you will die in the second town.


Town/Country | How many Nights |  Disease?

Cherbourg       |            2                     |      No

Lisbon              |            5                     |      No

Algeirs(Algeria)|          2                     |      No

Cagliari(Sardinia, Italy)|    2               |      No

Marsala(Sicily,Italy)   |       3               |     No

Rome                    |              ​​​​​​1                |    No

Genoa                   |              2                |     No

Siena                     |              6                |     No

Milan                      |              1               |    No

Florence                 |             1                |     No

Venice                    |              4                |    No

And after that our teacher gave us the other sheet which I dont really get what to do…. Thanks for helping me 🙂

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