in generals die in bed

The novel ‘Generals die in bed’ written by Charles Yale Harrison tells a story surrounding a young Canadian soldier’s experiences in the first world war . The nameless soldiers experiences in the trenches intensity as the story progresses. The narrator and the soldiers just got one conviction that was keep alive in the horror war. And the people who were not participate just laugh even appreciate this war is good for man.

First, Even though Harrison has shown us many cases where the comradeship and friendship get over taken by the fear of death and urge for survival, he still want us to remember that the mate ship and basic human values are not totally nonexistence. In Chapter 9 over the top “I look at Reynaud. His eyes are wide open. He keeps licking his parched lips……” The war has not yet made the soldiers machinelike. In situation like this, they know to take care of the young and weak.

This demonstrates that in some circumstances, the war does bring out some of the men’s good if not best qualities. Then the glory and heroism were disappeared in the war, in chapter 4 back to the round, Brown was the man distribute food to the soldiers, and he got head short by the Germany snipers, when he stand up to reach. <2>, that what was they feel or farewell to Brown, no sympathize, no sad feeling, when they lose a friend was joking and laughing with them just now.

The body that what they called browns after his death and they were controlled by desire to survive, this is detached and no glory sacrifice, and the in chapter 11 fry’s lags got blown and Fry wants narrator to save him, they got very good friendship before in the article, and it’s the time can show the heroism, but narrator kicked Fry and ran away, this behavior in world their pursuit is cowardly acts.

Evident, the war just can bring selfish keep alive is top thought in everyone’s mind, there is no positive spirit in the war. A soldier’s conscience has not erased by war. For example, in chapter 6, in particular, we be obtain to feel human side of the narrator when he was facing an enemy, such as “I point to the wounded one’s leg and ask him how he feels. He shakes his head and moans some words. ” Narrator was ashamed of having acted so ruthlessness dur to the killing of Karl.

He used an instant to deprive other’s entire life. Then he witnessed others dying gradually, his conscience was condemned tremendously. Narrator then began to question the feelings of enemies. This clearly demonstrates that the soldiers find themselves bring out the best in them, conscience. Although the soldiers weresaew always forced to kill, they didn’t want to kill people, under crucial circumstance, they would discover their inner conscience that they could not cope with it.

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