in house review of east west in cdk

The huge number of student population this school year 2008-2009 at COLEGIO de KIDAPAWAN is one of the proofs that the people trust the institution for having the capacity to produce quality graduates by means of its standard and systematic way of teaching, most especially in the field of Nursing, wherein modernized equipment and convenient facilities have been experienced by many students.

These helped them enhance their competitiveness and skills in the said course. Last year, it was proven that CdK nurses really compete academically for passing the December 2007 Nursing Licensure Examination, 35% of them made it to get their licenses, by the help of their Review Centers like that of EAST WEST Educational Specialist who made an in-house review at CdK to cater the needs of students as well as some students from other schools.

COLEGIO de KIDAPAWAN and EAST WEST Educational Specialist signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), that they will only conduct a review provided that the number of participants to warrant the opening of the requested In-house Review for the particular programs will not be less than 100. EAST WEST as described was known to be the leading review specialist in the country. It is owned and governed by Prof. Ma. Estela M. Layug who is currently the Vice President of the Association of Deans of Colleges of Nursing Schools in the Philippines and Dean Leonora N.

Reyes. They provide the most comprehensive and quality nursing review for local nurses examination and national nurses exams like CGFNS and NCLEX. They are producing topnotchers and 100% passing rates in some schools. In fact, they already produced more than 450 topnotchers for many years of continuous service to the nursing profession. There are five (5) programs of EAST WEST for NLE Review program (Local Boards) offered, namely: • COMPETENCY APPRAISAL REVIEW PROGRAM composed of three (3) study programs. PLATINUM ELITE REVIEW PROGRAM composed of nine (9) study programs. • GOLD ELITE REVIEW PROGRAM composed of seven (7) study programs. • FAST TRACK LOCAL REVIEW PROGRAM composed of six (6) study programs. • FAST TRACK LOCAL-NCLEX REVIEW PROGRAM composed of thirteen (13) study programs. For this year’s in-house review, PLATINUM ELITE REVIEW PROGRAM was introduced by EAST WEST to 106 participants (76 coming from CdK and 30 from the outside) taking the review.

This PLATINUM ELITE REVIEW PROGRAM is composed of nine (9) study programs which include: • General and Specific Study Habits with Survival Test Taking Strategies • Didactics (lectures) on Professional Nursing Subjects • Diagnostics and Final Exams • Lateral Integration of the (11) Key Areas of Responsibility (CAR) • Test Bank on Nursing Professional Subjects • Simulated Pre-Board Examination • Curricular Enhancement Week-long Final Preparation Utilizing the NLE Test Framework • Last Minute Preparation These study programs are the bases to make the participants prepared and be more knowledgeable about the NLEX which they will take after. Moreover, as what have been researched, their course includes an instructive system and facilitated classroom instruction performing an audio-video presentation, therefore enhancing the participants competitiveness in relation to their preparation for the NLEX.

They also perform an Interactive Question and Answer (IQA) to the questions contained in their Diagnostic Test Bank, Course Book, Final and Pre-Board Examinations. In their rationalized Pre-Board Exam, if the participants will pass the exam given to them, they will have 95% chance to pass the NLE proper. According to Mrs. Lourdes Fernandez, RN (CdK Department Head of Nursing), they have chosen EAST WEST because of their reliability. The curriculum-based review that they are offering is anchored to nursing Board Exams, the content are really complete as explained.

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