in the new landscape and your attention please

Both “In the new landscape” by Bruce Dawe and “Your Attention Please” by Peter Porter are all right illustrations of Bad Fiction worthy of being in a Year Nine anthology for 2012. The verse forms are in-depth hypotheses of what society will eventuate excessively. leting the reader to chew over the manner of life in the hereafter: a true illustration of theorizing. The poetic constructions display careful imagination and strong senses of warning. exemplifying a universe full of dystopia and apprehension.

In “In the new landscape” . the construct of a universe dominated by machinery is explored. Dawe forces the reader to accept that in the “future” . the demand for worlds might non be important to the operation of society. The poet nowadayss thoughts of “roads/ the full breadth between buildings” and “pedestrians pale” whilst “motorists on the other manus will be tanned” . In the verse form. the metropoliss of the universe are overrun with goons of autos ; there is nil more of import than their finish. with everything else coming 2nd. A sense of absolutism and controlled behavior is evident. with any look of individualism deafened by the “ceremonial honking of horns” . Dawe warns the reader of how if we allow engineering. chiefly autos. to take over our lives we will lose sight of what is of import. what we should be valuing and our sense of egos. to the point where “even the unreplaceable parts/ will be replaceable” .

In the 4th stanza the verse form takes on a metaphorical stance when Dawe starts to depict the metropolis as “a concrete God with streamlined attributes” . It continues to research the actions performed by society in its mode of idolizing. such as the “daily anthem of praise” and the “ceremonial honking of motor-horns” . This demonstrates the commanding mode of the industrialized metropolis and its ability to bring down order every bit good as desperation and hopelessness on civilians. The feeling of being overpowered is besides present through phrases such as ( the concrete God is ) “not likely to travel soft at the sight or sound of/ small kids under the front wheels/ or lovers who have willfully forgotten/to maintain their eyes on the road” . It shows how a monster has been created and the people are now at its clemency.

A sense of ordinance is felt through the pick of words and the attack they are presented in. Dawe’s authorship has an air of specificity. utilizing such phrases as “there will be” and “we will” go forthing no room for misunderstanding and doing it clear to readers that this is the “future” . It is clearly outlined that through the development of autos. many little but important things have been sacrificed including the “sounds of acceleration alternatively of birdsong” . “no trees/ unless as exotica” and any signifier of vicinity qualities for illustration “no more streets imploring hopscotch squares” . Dawe is demoing how in his predicted hereafter. any sense of natural beauty is trumped by society’s overpowering demand for commercial and overly bizarre goods.

On the other manus “Your Attention Please” is remembering a protocol message in the event of a atomic onslaught. Porter is foretelling that through the development of engineering. arms and war. human society has created an environment where the chief precedence is the individual’s endurance: “Leave the old and bed-/ridden. you can make nil for them” . The verse form refers often to faith. doing it clear to the broadcast’s audience that whatever has happened or will go on. is in no manner the authoritiess mistake. and is up to God as “Whatever happens happens by His Will” . Persons are merely a statistic in the eyes of the authorities. and emotional or sentimental value is disregarded as animate beings will merely “consume/ fresh air” .

In “your Attention Please” Porter has used a assortment of different techniques in portraying his message. The usage of confused sentences and direct. simple instructions allows the reader to imagine a state of affairs of exigency. Although the metropolis has an at hand “nuclear projectile work stoppage of/At least one 1000 megatons” the reader does non acquire the feeling of a haste. or panic but quite the opposite—that of order and controlled licking. as though the community has known a war was looming. The verse form expresses it’s subject of a dystopia successfully. supplying imagination through its poetic construction and subjects.

The authorities has made its efforts at maintaining its people safe with the “Requirements published in the Civil/Defence Code” and through the outlining of the safety safeguards. the reader is exposed to a temper of desperation and anxiousness. In a state of affairs where decease is at hand. the provided “capsules marked ‘Valley Forge’/ ( Red Pocket in No. 1 Survival Kit ) / For painless death” further proves how the authorities is cognizant that “Some of us may die” but the fact that “Death is the least we have to fear” causes inquiries as to what has caused a state of affairs where life is worse than decease.

In decision. both verse forms are showing thoughts of a distance hereafter in alone signifiers whilst oppugning the decency of the life worlds have created. The usage of different poetic techniques. subjects and capable affairs allows the messages presented to be expressed to an audience and should hence be included in a Year Nine anthology for 2012.

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