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October 29, 2008

Gregory S. Forest


Roanoke Branch, Phoenix Advertising Agency

Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Mr. Forest:

The mission of Phoenix Advertising Agency is derived from the presentation of the best and most excellent creative services all over the country to all our dear clients. This can goal can achieved by grasping the essence of our core company values for dedication, integrity and personalized clientele service. More so, we ensure that the standards and goals set by the company are passed down the four branches to establish a unified and solid advertising company.


For the fourth quarter of this business year, the executive team had noticed the dwindling performance and manpower of Roanoke branch. To get a clearer picture of the real situation at the branch, I, Vice-President for Human Resources, I was tasked to prepare a plan on how tackle and resolve the issues of the mentioned branch.

Clients have complained about the unsatisfactory outputs of the Roanoke, Virginia branch of the agency. This situation can be attributed to the recent resignation of two of the top management people in the branch which are the Art Director and the Account Executive. To make matters worse, three graphic designers and four copywriters are threatening to quit their posts because they feel that their creative efforts are being rejected or revised without
prior consultation from the top management. To resolve this issue, the Branch Director has accepted new clients without evaluating the possible detrimental effects of the new accounts on the current project workload. Because of the need to cater to all the needs of the clients, all employees are mandated to work long hours each day of the week without any financial compensation. As a result, employees’ attrition rate is climbing and the productivity level is decreasing every single day. Furthermore, the Roanoke, Virginia branch handles one of the agency’s vital accounts and valuable clients

To advance this objective, I have visited Roanoke branch last August and conducted a field investigation regarding the problems that the branch has been experiencing for the past few months. The purpose of my visit was to assess the outputs and services rendered by Roanoke branch for the last two quarters. Also, I carried out an investigation regarding the recent human resource problems that have negatively affected the productivity of most of the employees.

I have used two methods namely: a survey for the employees and an in-depth interview for the clients, to solicit significant information and to find out the root cause of the problems of the Roanoke branch. The results of the investigation showed that the problems were rooted on the dissatisfaction of employees due to lack of proper and adequate compensations and benefits package plus the lack of support from the upper management.

Moreover, the problems of Roanoke branch can be easily and quickly resolved if the following objectives will be accomplished:

Showing appreciation for the employees’ outputs and performance.
·        Regular meetings should be held every week in order for the employees to communicate regarding their respective projects and concerns.

Providing proper compensation to the employees for their extended work hours and additional workloads.
·        Recruit competent employees that will be put in top management positions who will direct and lead the staff members.


To ensure the quality of the outputs of Phoenix Advertising Agency, I propose the following plan for Roanoke branch:

Motivation. This is the key in encouraging employees to perform better with regards to their respective duties. If all employees are highly motivated, the productivity rate of the branch will also increase.

Communication. This is the key in eliminating misunderstanding and misinterpretation which will lessen the occurrence of conflict within the workplace. If all employees get along together well, the possibility of producing high-quality outputs is very high.

Compensations. This will help make the employees feel that their contributions to the company are being well-compensated. Monetary compensations for overtime and additional tasks will reward all the hard work of the employees.

Recruitment. This procedure will help fill vital positions that have been vacated in order to give direction to the path that the teams will take in order to yield high-quality outputs and restore the confidence of the clients to Roanoke branch.

The recruitment should be immediately implemented before the end of 2008. A month will be allotted for the Branch director to employ personnel who are capable of doing the tasks at hand.  There will be an internal hiring within the branch and external hiring to recruit fresh competent professionals.


Harry Cartier is the Roanoke Branch Director. He will be supervising that all the objectives of the plan are met. He had been the branch director of the Roanoke Branch for almost two years. More so, he had received an excellence award from Phoenix Advertising Agency headquarters for having the most productive and profitable branch in 2007.

To assist the Branch Director in drafting and implementing the new regulations would be the five team leaders, Brendan Fraser, Jason Walsh, Kelly Taylor, Dylan Thomas and Randy Jackson. All of them have been with the company for two to five years giving them ample knowledge about the complexities and difficulties of the branch operations.

As the Vice-president for Human Resources, I will be in charge of revising the compensations and benefits packages of the employees of Roanoke branch in accordance to their current needs.


The following is the estimated cost for the implementation of the proposed plan which is aimed in making Roanoke branch productive and efficient for their respective clients.



$ 5,000 per month

Weekly meetings

Food for 100 pax

$ 4,000  (1,000 per week)

Overtime pay

Additional workload

$ 50, 0000 (50 per hour)

$ 500, 000 (500 per additional workload)


Art Director

Account Executives (2)

$10, 000/ monthly

$ 8, 500/ monthly
$ 577, 500 per month

*this can increase depending on the number of employees who render overtime and additional workload.

Request for Authorization

Phoenix Advertising Agency has been in the advertising business for almost ten years. In these long fruitful years, we have shown our excellence in our craft and our professionalism in providing the best service for our world-renowned clientele. Even though the company had experienced a few setbacks in the recent quarters at the Roanoke branch due to human resource problems, the resurgence of Roanoke employees from this drawback can be guaranteed if all the recommendations are implemented in the soonest time possible.

The proposed plan is directed in bringing back the distinction and prestige that Phoenix Advertising Agency Roanoke Branch had once boasted. Though the tainted reputation of the Roanoke branch have been only been realized by a few clients, there is still room to reverse this bad publicity. By empowering the employees and appreciating their outputs, there will be a significant increase in productivity thus it will also increase the revenue for the whole company and at the same time it will boost up the excellence associated with the name of Phoenix Advertising Agency.

Having part in the formulation of the solutions for the problems at Roanoke branch is a truly an honor for me. I appreciate the opportunity and the people who helped make this field investigation a success. I am very positive that this proposal will yield productive outcomes for the Roanoke branch and the whole company. In relation t this, I expect that this proposal will be approved by November 22 in order to prevent the occurrence of new problems as well as the degeneration of the current situation.


Drew Simmons

Drew Simmons

VP for Human Resources

[email protected]

Phoenix Advertising Agency


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