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He went to college for two years, earned hi s associates degree, and now works as an electrician at Ford Motor Stamping P Lana. My dad, as a child, was very active, being involved in motocross, baseball, football, hunting, and golf. My dad has one sibling, an older sister who he is s till very close with, being that she lived right down the road. My dad’s mother died of cancer when he was eighteen years of age so he grew up with only a FAA there for a majority of his life, until his father remarried. His father remarried d when I was about seven years of age.

My dad was involved in a very serious motocross accident at about age seventeen and was hospitalized for about 3 MO nth in order to recover. He broke several bones and has had chronic back pain ever since the accident. My dad married at age twenty’s and had four girls, one being me! Physical Changes: By the forties, difficulty reading small print is common due to thickening oft he lens combined with weakening of the muscle that enables the eye to comma date to nearby objects. My dad had to wear glasses as a kid because he was far sighted.

At about age eighteen, he Group 2 achieved surgery that gave him back his 20/20 vision and he no longer had to wear glasses. As of now, at age fortresses his eyes are back to how the eye used to be and he has to wear glasses again because it’s hard for hi m to read the newspaper. The cause of this is most likely due to aging and the wearing away of the effects of the surgery. My dad also said he is not as active as he used to be. His reasoning for this is most likely due to all his a accidents and his chronic back, shoulder, and joint pain.

My father has broken his collarbone twice throughout his life, one being within this year. Also, after h is motocross accident it’s been hard for him to get back to being as healthy as he was before the accident. My dad says he still rides once and awhile but i t is very hard on his back and can not go for long durations of time. My d ad is very into snowmobiling as well and experiences the same back pain as he does drinking. So I wouldn’t say his hobbies changed with age but his ability to partake in those hobbies lessened, maybe causing slight sadness o r depression.

My dad also loves to participate in adult league sports but as h got older he could no longer partake in those activities because his athletic abilities are nothing like they used to be due to his back pain and muscle aches. Emotional Changes: Erosion’s psychological conflict of midlife is called generatively versus stagnation. Generatively involves reaching out to others in ways that give t o and guide the next generation. It expands greatly in midlife, when adults f Ochs more intently on extending commitments beyond oneself and one’s life e partner to a larger group, family, or society (Beer 423).

When I asked my ether what the most difficult thing was about getting older, his response was it was tough for him to see us going off to college and moving out o f the home. Increasing awareness of limited time ahead prompts adult s to reevaluate their lives, refine and strengthen their identities, and reach out to future generations (Beer 423). My dad put away so much money for us since he got married to my mom because he wants to see us strive in life. He said “Go to college and make a Group 3 great life for yourself. ” That exact thought show s his generatively towards his kids.

He stopped hinging about himself and started thinking about our lives in the adult world. Social Changes: By late midlife, with less time ahead to make changes, people’s interpretation of regrets plays a major role in their wellbeing, according to Valiant (Beer 427 ). My dad works as an electrician at Ford Motor Company, as said before. His job is not very enjoyable to him because it is very repetitive and he works in ho t, noisy, and crowded conditions. My dad is a very hands on type of person so it was good for him to go into a trade but he also likes new experiences, which this job doesn’t do for him.

He likes his job but one thing he would go back and do in life is go to college for a few more years and get a better degree. T his shows that he is acknowledging the past characterized by some losses. My dad is under a lot of stress nowadays because of financial responsibilities Two of his kids are in college and he is the only one working, being that my MO m is a stay at home mom. According to Valiant, sellout and stress especially d ruing the forties play a major role in reconstructing the personality (Beer 426).

M y dad is self doubting and stressed with the fact that he has to work a lot of over mime in order to keep up with all these finances. My dad rarely gets time to do act betties with the family because he is constantly trying to make more money. One of the things my dad says he likes to do to relieve his stress is keeping up with hi s young adulthood hobbies. As I said before, my dad is really into motocross, so when he gets very overwhelmed with work, he usually goes back on the track he built behind our track and rides. He says “Riding is a way of escape for me and it makes me feel good knowing I am still capable of doing what love to do.

It’s VA ere good way for him to get his mind off things and I feel as if knowing he can still perform that kind of physical activity makes him feel young again. According to Elevations, to reassess and rebuild life structure in middle ad although, middleware adults must confront four developmental tasks (Beer 425). The middleman person must seek Group 4 new ways of being both young and old. When my dad goes out and rides his diatribe he is becoming young again and reliving the past. As you get older, friendships become fewer and fewer, more selective, and m re deeply valued (Beer 443).

Men continue to be less expressive with their friend ads. My dad stated in his interview, “l don’t see my good friends as much as I use d to. Our bonds were much closer when I was in my twenties and thirties because e we didn’t have as many responsibilities as we do now. ” I feel as if when you get older, men tend to put family obligations before connecting with friends. My dad d said it takes a lot to balance work, wife, kids, and house chores with friend and also with the time you do have leftover, you want to be doing family activities.

Being proud of your accomplishments, watching your children grow in to adults, and developing a sense of unity with your life partner are important t accomplishments at this stage in life. For being a man of many responsibility ties, my dad has a very good hold on his life. Most people say most men this age go through what they call a “midlife” crisis, which is defined as a period of psych logical stress thought to be triggered by physical stress, occupational stress, or loss of children from home. I feel as if my dad did not encounter a midlife crib is because he is someone who is very strong.

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