invencibility systems case study

Case Study Invencibility Systems 1-Besides the factors identified, what other factors should invincibility systems take into account in its HR planning? At the moment Invencibility Systems has performed a very unique work on internal research, which has given a chance to its decision making managers to discover very individual aspects of the company. The firm’s research has looked at factors such as health phase out plan, marital status, age of employee, years at the company and job category to predict the future turnover rate and therefore forecast their hiring levels.

In addition to these factors, the company must also take into consideration sales numbers such as current sales as well as projected future sales growth as they estimate the sales force required to meet the needs of the clients. The costs associated with the following year’s demand are also very important to be looked at by the firm if they want to predict the workforce needed to work in the near future. The firm should also consider its industry’s strength and how well are the competitors risking the firm’s profit, in order to determine the workforce needed to compete in the industry.

A key aspect of HR planning is not only to predict the demand of labor as mentioned in the previous paragraph, but also the supply of labor as this factor will also affect the labor force planning process of the firm. In the supply area Invencibility Systems must consider workforce trends before its HR team makes projections. Considering most jobs at the firm are highly specialized and require a great set of skill the company must look at the city its operating, because most highly skilled workers are found on the bigger industrialized cities of the world.

The firm must also look at the level and trends of students graduating with highly skilled degrees and what areas theses students are coming from. Moreover, Invencibility System has to look at demographic trends at the cities it is recruiting, and it must be concerned with the fact that baby boomers are now retiring and a great portion of highly skilled workers are getting off the market while not the same amount of workers is replacing the retirees.

In addition, government programs of granting working visas to foreign highly skilled students, as well as technological investments and incentives also affect labor force supply. In short, the firm must find a balance when planning the HR. It has to look at internal factors and projections such as future sales and costs which help them predict demand and consequently forecast the workforce needed. But at the same time it has to look at external factors to predict labor supply and the external factors are found in the environment around the company. -What legal concerns does the data analysis at invincibility raise? How should the company address those issues? From the information provided in the case we could notice that Invencibility System has used internal information to predict what specific employees are leaving the company. However, the firm has not created an incentive or reward program based on the data acquired in the research, for trying to maintain these employees inside of the company or even motivate them to stay as a part of the Invencibility systems group.

The fact that the firm uses internal data to predict who will or will not leave the company in the following year but in contrast lacks a program to fulfill the self-esteem as well as the psychological concerns of its employees is a major area of legal concern. The only way the company can fix this legal issue is by creating an incentive system based on performance and loyalty to the firm, which means that as an employee remains in the company and maintains a good level of performance its bonuses automatically raise.

The company can also create a stock option program for the higher skilled workers. This method, which is used by many firms around the world increases the employee sentiment over the firm and gives them a feeling that they own in some way a part of the company. All the programs mentioned above should be monitored by a parallel research that can analyze whether or not the employees who were supposed to leave the company changed minds and stayed in the firm.

By doing so, the company will be redirecting the research towards keeping their staff and workforce rather than planning on having them out of the company. 3-Besides its use for HR planning and recruiting, how might invincibility’s data analysis be applied to improving the companies training programs? Invencibility Systems’ data analysis has influenced greatly the firm’s planning and hiring processes in the past. However, the company also has a chance to use the same method and improve the training programs which are not the strongest area of the firm at the moment.

The first step of a training program in such a firm is to discover who needs the training, which is referred as the needs assessment part. In order to discover such a thing, Invencibility System can use its data found in the research and look at what individuals and departments have the highest rates of turnover. The company can separate these individuals and areas in terms of age, years at the company and marital status as mentioned in the case and according to the results start the training in the sections of the firm needed.

Moreover, the company can do a second data analysis based on skills needed and based on what areas are lacking the most level of highly skill personnel. Also, what areas have the most chance of losing important expertise such as engineers and scientists, Invencibility system can start training other individuals in those departments, so this gap of knowledge and expertise can be filled within the company rather than hiring someone from the outside.

Second, the company can use the data obtained previously, on what skills are missing to discover how to train and what type of programs and training methods are conducted with its employees. The data found in part one will directly affect the way a company will put in place a role playing, business simulation, behavior modeling, or any other type of training. Finally, the company can perform another data analysis research after the training has been done, to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and the level of learning of the employees after passing by the training experience.

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