is bigfoot a real creature

Many people have claimed that they’ve seen Bigfoot, but has someone ever thought of Bigfoot as a real creature? Bigfoot has been recorded and reported for hundreds of years. For instance, in 2009 a group of scientists found tree destruction all over a mountain that Bigfoot supposedly roamed. Some trees were shredded 16 feet up.(“The Bigfoot Disclosure Project”). This goes to show that Bigfoot has been seen by civilians and the government needs to look into the situation. Hair samples have been taken in North America that cannot be linked to a specific animal. (“Where Does Bigfoot Live?”) This report shows that we have found physical evidence of the hairy beast. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is a real creature because we have recorded sightings, we have evidence that it is possibly related to humans, and we have found their footprints and droppings.

To prove that Bigfoot is real, civilians have filed reports of what they have seen. Most people claim they’ve seen Bigfoot itself. “four dowsers were startled when they stopped along a trail to eat lunch and saw an enormous man walking toward them in the distance that was well over ten feet tall. He had long hair like indians in the movies & was covered in short black hair over the rest of his body. He carried what looked like a big rock. They left the area immediately.” (Stevens) This goes to show that people have seen Bigfoot and it could be a serious problem. “Highway 109, while gathering firewood for his grandmother in southern maine, the informant heard a noise behind him, he turned, expecting to see a moose. Some 30 feet behind him was a creature watching him…and he ‘split.” (Stevens) But people have seen more than just the real thing. Scientists have run a couple DNA tests on physical evidence they found.

Another reason why Bigfoot is real is that scientists have located their DNA. The DNA tests they ran showed that bigfoot was related to us. How did scientists prove that? “In November of last year, a Texas veterinarian made national news claiming that genetic testing confirmed that not only is the legendary Bigfoot real, but is in fact a human relative that arose some 15,000 years ago.”(Radford) How is Bigfoot related to us? A study by Melba S. Ketchum said,“Our data indicate that the North American Sasquatch is a hybrid species, the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens.” (Radford) But how does this evidence prove that Bigfoot is real? Well in order to run the DNA tests, they had to collect 111 samples of hair, mucus, toenails, blood, bark scrapings, saliva, and skin. They found all this evidence out in the wild! This evidence was also not related to any other known animal! In conclusion? Bigfoot’s real. Accept that fact.

Scientists have found physical evidence that does not match any known animal. Such physical evidence includes: footprints, hair, mucus and other evidence. “1995 In Cornville, Maine, a man finds 17-inch footprints and reports it to authorities.” (Stevens) Many reported sightings have happened in Maine, and so has physical evidence. “The earliest record of potential Sasquatch footprints is dated 1811 when David Thompson, a trader and explorer, was seeking the mouth of the Columbia River. Crossing the Rockies at what is today Jasper, Alberta, he came upon a mysterious track in the snow. It measured fourteen inches long by eight inches wide and was characterized by four toes with short claw marks, a deeply impressed ball of the foot, and an indistinct heel imprint.”(“Mysterious Entities of the Pacific Northwest, Part I.”) This man saw Bigfoot tracks in the snow. It was later shown that the footprints were too large to be a Grizzly bears footprints. Bigfoot is a real animal and it is time to start recognizing it as one.

In the end, we can conclude that Bigfoot lives in our world. Bigfoot has been around so long that Native Americans have seen them and they call Bigfoot “Pomoola” which means “Injun Devil.” (Stevens) Bigfoot was here when the natives ruled this land and he is here now. If Native Americans have seen Bigfoot many years ago, then that helps support Melba S. Ketchum’s study that proves on its own, that Bigfoot came about 15,000 years ago. (Radford) Her study consisted of experiments that proved that Bigfoot is a descendant of the human race. There should be no doubt now that Bigfoot is real. Altogether, we can conclude that based on reported sightings, DNA evidence, and physical evidence, Bigfoot is a real creature.

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