is it wrong to lie

Is it always morally wrong to lie? Yes, I strongly agree, others might disagree; moreover, this can depend on one’s own morals. A young mother or a young father might tell a story to their children about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. Mothers and Fathers tell and read these stories to their children all of the time just like their mothers and fathers and their mothers and fathers. These are stories, told each year giving a child hopes and dreams. Is it a lie? I do not think so, because when a child comes to an age and figures out there is only a story of a Santa Claus, a Saint Nick, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, it is time for them to understand these are stories carried by traditions year after year. Explain to the child, yes from traditions long ago, there was a Santa Claus, an Easter Bunny and a tooth fairy. Does a child feel hurt, and think his parents lied to him? No, as it is very important to explain the responsibilities of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny and how these traditions have been honored and celebrated for many years.

The morality of lying can depend on several things; one of these is an act of self-interest or an act of selfishness. The use of words takes on different meanings. To forgive one from lying, you need to determine the morality of a person “lying” or the use of words in an act of deception, the purpose of the lying and the consequences or harm this can bring about, in order to understand why the person acted in deception is then when you can forgive one from lying. To forgive you need to ask yourself were the motives of the person lying egoistic or altruistic. Did this create harmony or disharmony? Did this satisfy the liar and the interest of others? Will the person lying or causing a deceptive act ever know the harm this has caused. I think all human beings have a moral duty or obligation to be honest and not lie. To be honest and not lie allows for trust, and does not bring harmful consequences to others.

Learning to lie begins as a very young child and as children; we begin, lying because we are afraid of getting in trouble for something we have already learned is wrong. As children we lie to get out of doing homework to play afterschool, or our parents not finding out a homework grade, as we get older a lie becomes bigger. Before the lie becomes too big, starts causing trust issues and hurting others I think parents should be calm and talk to their child, read and show examples about how bad lying can be and what happens in relationships when people lie to each other. It is very important to show our children when we accidently lie, or we needed to lie or we say something hurtful to another person, it is always best to take ownership and apologize.

Is it okay that there are times when people do lie, or make a false statement? At times people do lie deliberately. For example, a boy may lie about his brothers’ whereabouts because a group of boys want to beat up his brother, or a doctor tells a patient they are going to heal when the patient may only have three months to live. When trying to do the right thing such as not letting the brother get hurt at that moment or giving someone hope, sometimes being honest is not the best thing against values like compassion and respect. Sometimes giving the gift of hope can save a dying patient or stalling to steer a group of mean boys to cool off a situation and allow time for a parent to get involved. This type of lying has not hurt a relationship or a family bound by trust.

With the question, is it morally wrong to lie? To argue this question is it morally wrong to lie using the deductive method, it can be said it is morally wrong to lie when you lie to someone in an act of selfishness. This act of selfishness and lying brings harm to another human being. The conclusion here is yes it is morally wrong to lie when the lie causes physical and financial harm to another human being. With inductive reasoning, starting from specific case of someone is lying about someone, causing harm; a general conclusion would be it is morally wrong to lie.

I go through life with two principles; these principles were taught to me when I was very young. The first one is do unto others what you want done to you, and the second one is if you cannot say anything nice than you should not say anything at all.

In society, and social uncertainty, lying is flourishing. I previously learned with a past job from working with clients you could not trust people. People will say anything to protect themselves. Working in an office around people every day, subjected to criticism every day, and putting trust in these people because they say they are helping you, and then you come to realize their selfish motives and it destroys your spirit in a very terrible way.

Each day, I ask myself, how our Father in Heaven would act, how would he treat this person. Would he gossip about this person over here? Would he lie to this person over there? Would he stand up for this person in an argument?

It is okay to tell the mean boys Joey is not here right now, or to tell a small child about Santa Claus, and if you are going to lie about your resume, then you bring harm to yourself. When lying becomes morally wrong is when it hurts another human being financially, socially, physically or emotionally.

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