is watching tv good or bad for you

Watching TV can be good or bad for you depending on how much you watch per day. If you watch a certain amount of TV it couldn’t hurt to watch some TV as long as its not too much TV. TV can get you distracted and can have bad influences on kids if they think what they watch on TV is cool or okay to do in public so people should watch out what they watch on TV and should not be influenced by whatever program they watch on TV. Many people have caused trouble because of the influence TV has on us.

TV has changed the way we live. Many kids have been influenced by the programs on TV and that is why kids misbehave because they don’t know what’s right or not to do in the real world because they think anything that they do will be okay and that they won’t get into any trouble at all. Before in 1950 only 10 percent of American house holds had TV sets, but now that number has raised to where more than 99 percent of American house holds have TV sets. Now many people can have TV sets and more people are getting lazy and aren’t doing as much work as they used to because of television, so now many people just forget about other things and don’t get the exercise they need and forget a bunch of things that they learn from the past because television has now taken over their mind to the point where they forget things and the people all around them.

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