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Finally, this paper will explain the reason I made the choice of buying a Samsung S Tablet over Apple I Pad Air and other top tablets on the market. Many people wonder if they should purchase a laptop or a tablet. The biggest thing to consider when contemplating purchasing either device is what will you use it for? After all, tablets are easy to use, portable, and internet capable just like a laptop. However, not all tablets share the same functionality. Laptops by design are more powerful than tablets, meaning they are able to store more internally.

More software is available for laptops vs.. Ablest and the only exception is Windows 8 tablet PC’s. Laptops also have greater file capacity for documents, images, videos, and music. Laptops are best when you want to do real work, even if that reason is for creating documents in Office. Though laptops have an advantage in storage space and writing documents tablets are often much lighter than laptops. I guess the key is to look for the best of both worlds, and see what type of devices are available that contain features that satisfy your needs of paper writing, and portability.

Apple has a laptop called the Macro that is light and can be taken round without a hassle. Tablets perform much different than laptops depending on the operating system. Apple pad and others run off of an Android mobile operating system, derived from the interfaces on smartness. Now let’s look at laptops, and tablets features to further understand what some people look for in making an overall decision on what to buy. If you are looking for a basic needs like internet access, checking emails, posting on social media networks, downloading APS to watch T.

V, movies, read eBooks, and listen to music. A tablet would be the best choice in this situation because they have all the basic treasures to do all of these things listed. But if you are looking for something to type papers, doing designing, pretty much anything that would cause you to do high performance type of work than a laptop would be better. I think naturally we all have an internal evaluation process when it comes to buying a laptop or a tablet. Of course price has a lot to do with that decisions as well.

Coupled with certain features I look for in a device, I also consider pricing. There could be an awesome new tablet that comes out and all I need is some basic features, but there is a laptop that is cheaper and an upgrade from something I may currently eave. Then the decision for me would be to get the laptop although I was looking for something with a lot less, getting more for less is not bad. There are several tablets on the market that have great features and uniqueness that would intrigue me to buy them. Errantly own a Kindle Fire HAD Tablet, and I really do not have any complaints. I have a HP laptop also and it serves it purpose for me as well. I did some research on the best tablets in 2015, and the top three were Apple pad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and the Sony Expert Z Tablet. All of them have different operating systems, which leads me to believe that a to of people look for different things in purchasing a tablet. In analyzing these three tablets my decision is clearly the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet was number two overall next to the pad Air 2, but am use to using SO technology. It has a 8. 4 and 10. 5 inch screen size to choose from. The overall decision for me to pick a Samsung Galaxy Tab S over the pad Air 2 is price. I do not see the need to purchase something that may be close to the same product for way more money. They’re both tablets, so when looking into the features that does shape you mind to what you are looking for. Then you make the decision on whether or not you want to purchase and expensive tablet or inexpensive.

Unless something blows me away and is a must have or above its competitors am not really concerned about having the latest and the greatest. Thinking about all the features that come with laptops and tablets. You have to think that some people are just use to using certain technology that they cannot give up no matter what. I guess sometimes it’s a comfortable feeling that makes a decision for us. Of COUrse, when it comes to different aspects of technology like tablets or laptops it boils down to what the person wants. There are computers that turn into tablets and vice versa.

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