jordan vs nikes

Once Michael Jordan wore the famous Jordan shoes, every person who played basketball wanted them. There’s no competition when you compare Jordan shoes with others, not even Nike can compete against Jordan. Even though Nike throughout the Years has made some great quality shoes, shoe fanatics have wanted Jordan shoes more than ever since Michael Jordan flew from free-throw line with his own pair of Jordan retro 3’s. The different attributes that Nike and Jordan have are material and style, popularity, and lastly is on the court performance. Everyone wanted to be like Mike and the shoes were the key to that dream.

What really makes both these shoes so great? Many basketball players look at Michael Jordan and think it’s the shoes that made him famous. Shoe companies used the fame of Michael Jordan and thus created the Jordan dynasty was born. However, Nike was the top shoe competitor over most shoes. Nike shoes have made some great shoes like their Nike air forces. The Nike air forces have over 100 different colors and variations. Nike air swoosh symbol is right across the mid-section of the shoe. Like every pair of Nike shoes their logo must be the primary attribute on the shoe. Jordan shoes as well have made different style shoes. The air Jordan 3’s had the Jordan logo stitched on the tongue of the shoe and also the back. The Jordan shoe had different types of material all the shoe. Although both Nike and Jordan had the same constancy of making different style of shoes, Jordan shoes had better innovation of materials in their shoe than Nike. Nike lack style and material. Most Nike shoes had same type of shoes year after year. The air forces were plain and simple just one single color. Jordan on the other hand had different textures and different styles. Jordan has 23 types of shoes with their own variations of colors. If a basketball player was to buy an expensive shoe with great quality than go with Jordan because he or she will be satisfied.

Not only are Jordan shoes of better quality and style, but also they are more popular. Nike was found everywhere in the world. Every sport and pro athlete would have a pair of Nike shoes. If an athlete had a game than usually Nike shoes were on his feet. Even though Nike was greatly admired when Jordan rose so did air Jordan shoes. Every basketball player wanted to be mike. Jordan has won 6 NBA championships. His shoes are called, “air Jordan” for a reason, and it’s because he would take flight every time he slam dunked. When he wore shoes on the court his fans would get the same pair. Today in our generation when someone has a pair of Jordan’s than they’ll get notice right away. In the last 2 years Air Jordan shoes have been releasing the retro Jordan’s that were released in the 90’s. All the shoe fanatics and basketball players would camp out outside stores just to get these limited shoes. The Jordan ear will never die out.

Finally, for the true competitor, Jordan shoes are better on the basketball court than Nike. The basketball court is the place to settle who is better. A person who I asked has played in both shoes so they know their performances. Nike basketball shoes have good comfort and support on his shoes. When he dribbled the ball down the court it’s very consistent to his movement. When he made a shot it boosts him up to get a better shot. When he landed back down it’s alright. When he was one on one it lacks pressure, the heel is moved back it doesn’t stick. Although Nike has great basketball shoes it lacks some things that Jordan shoes has every time on the court. When he played Jordan shoes there were great differences. The quality inside was more comfortable for him. The shoe had a better cushion on his heel and was more secure. The shoe followed his movements down the court precisely. The air bubble inside the shoe gave him a great boost on his 3 pointer shots and lay ups. When he was on pressure he had control and was able to move around his opponent better to get his lay-up. So overall performance Jordan shoes did better than Nike.

Both Nike and Jordan have some high performance shoes for athletes. But when it comes to the greatest quality and performance Jordan will always come on top of Nike. When Michael Jordan played basketball everyone knew that it had to be the shoes. Every shoe fanatic or basketball player had it in their mind that if they wore the shoes they would be like mike. Its 2013 and everyone who plays a pickup game or who know their shoes, they’ll tell you that they want to be just like mike.

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