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Juan Ponce De Leon Essay, Research Paper

Ponce De Leon, Juan


Juan Ponce De Leon was born in 1460 in the town of San Saros in the state of Santeros de Combo in the land of Leon. He was educated in Seville in the Hall of Euridides. The boy of a knight, he wanted to be a soldier, but, as was the usage, foremost one had to be a page and so a squire, before going a soldier.

Juan truly wanted to be a soldier, nevertheless, and Don Pedro, his maestro, knew that. So when he said, ? Juan, it is clip you begin your military preparation, ? Juan? s eyes grew large. After finishing his military preparation, Juan went to conflict. He became known as a good fencer in the war against the Moors.

When the war ended he was out of work. Juan became concerned for the well being of himself, his married woman, and their kids. When Juan heard narratives about Christopher Columbus and his brushs with gold and diamonds he decided that he would seek to acquire a occupation on a ship with Christopher Columbus for his 2nd ocean trip to America. He got the occupation and went sailing in hunt of diamonds and gold. In Puerto Rico, an island that he named, he served as Governor for three old ages. He made staff of life and every crewman bought it. Ponce De Leon was granted the first coat of weaponries of all time granted in the New World.

In 1513, Ponce De Leon led an expedition in hunt of Bimini. He explored the country of the Bahamas and visited several islands that had been unknown to Europeans. In April 1513, he landed in Florida, on his hunt of the Fountain of Youth, which he thought was another island, and claimed it for Spain. Harmonizing to one narrative, Ponce De Leon named the contemporary province Florida because of the many flowers that grew at that place. The Span

ish word Florida means flowery. Another narrative says that he arrived there during Easter Season, which the Spaniards call Pascua Florida.

He landed near the present site of St. Augustine. He sailed down the seashore and explored about the full eastern shoreline and southern tip of Florida. His hunt for the Fountain of Youth led him partway up Florida? s Western Coast. In June 1513, Ponce De Leon decided to return to Puerto Rico. During the ocean trip back, he landed on what is now the Yucatan which he thought was Bimini.

In 1514, Ponce De Leon sailed to Spain with intelligence of his findings. King Ferdinand ordered him to colonise Bimini and Florida. The male monarch besides commanded him to free the West Indies of the Carib Indians, who were ferocious man-eaters. Ponce De Leon returned to the new universe in 1515 and fought the Carib Tribe. The Indian combat and other activities, including another ocean trip to Spain, delayed his 2nd expedition to Florida until 1521.

In February 1521, Ponce De Leon sailed from Puerto Rico with two ships that carried about 200 work forces and adequate supplies to set up a settlement. He landed on West Coast Florida, likely near Charlotte Harbor. Indians attacked, and the Spanish leader was wounded by an pointer. Ponce De Leon and the few other subsisters sailed to Cuba, where Ponce De Leon died.

Although his hunt for a fountain of young person did non win, Ponce De Leon made a great measure frontward in researching the New World. The beautiful shore he discovered became portion of North America and subsequently became the province of Florida. Many old ages subsequently the first metropolis of this state, St. Augustine, was built where Ponce De Leon landed. Ponce De Leon? s find opened the manner for people from Spain and other lands to settle and construct America.

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