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Julia Alvarez was born on March 27. 1950. She was born in New York City. When she was three her household moved back to her families’ native land. Trujillo. Julia moved back to New York. where she graduated from high school in 1967. Then she so attended Connecticut College for two old ages. where she won the Benjamin T. Marshall Poetry Prize. After go toing Bread Loaf School of English. at Middlebury College. She received a unmarried man of humanistic disciplines in English. Summa Cum Laude. in 1971. In 1973. in chase of her end to go a author. she enrolled in Syracuse University. Two old ages subsequently Julia had her master’s grade in originative authorship. Her verse forms began to look in print every bit early as 1970. In 1975. Julia was a author in the Kentucky Arts Commission. In 1988. with the aid of the Bread Loaf School of English. Bob Pack. and published Julia’s foremost poetic aggregation entitled Homecoming. Her poetries received critical congratulations. In add-on. Julia received a t national gift from the Art Grant.

In 1997. her narratives “Father” stop the “Rainfall” had appeared in print in the Berateria Review. Five more old ages passed before her following fiction novel would be published. In 1986. Julia won the General Electric Foundation Award for immature authors. Julia so signed a contract with Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. In 1991. two months after Julia’s 41 birthday. How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents was published. In 1994. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill published Julia’s 2nd novel: In clip of Butterflies. Bill Echner married Julia in 1998. and Julia’s aggregation of essays. “Something to Declare” . was published. In June of 2000. Julia published her 4th novel. In the name of Salome. In this book. Julia introduces a adult male named Pedro Henriquez Urena who is renown among serious pupils of Latin America Literature and civilization. Pedro died about a half a century ago. but his scholarly essays and books are still read with fear in Graduate Programs throughout the universe.

Pedro’s younger brother. Max Henriquez Urena. is besides known for his work as a literary author and historian. Max is remembered. slightly infamously. for his bearer ASA development functioning the government of Rafael Trujillo. On the other manus. Salome Urena. their female parent. the Dominican Republic National Poet. is small known outside her state. The name Salome Camilla Henriquez Urena is the least known of this talented and volatile household. Most Scholars of Latin America Culture are incognizant that the Henriquez brothers had a sister. ( In the name of Salome ) besides represents her most ambitious work excessively. Alvarez choose to compose about a Dominican household whose members are well-known in their life-times. However. in comparing. their being deficiency poignance. the poignancy. and the heart- whelming play of the lives of the Mirabel Sisters. Patria Mercedes Mirabel Reyes. Belgia Adela Mirabel Reyes. Antonia Maria Teresa Mirabel Reyes. Maria Argentina Minerva Mirabel Reyes were the Mirabel were laminitiss of the resistance.

The dictator found out about the resistance and he didn’t like the fact that his people were stealing out of the clasp of the absolutism. So Rafael Trujillo had his right manus work forces to club the misss to decease and so garner them up and set them into the dorsum of a landrover and drive it off the border of a drop to do it look like an accident. The Mirabel Sisters had one sister left. Her name was Belgia who died February 1. 2014. In 1960 the three sister were found dead at the underside of a drop. North Coast Island. Trujillo. What influences Julia Alvarez to compose short narratives like “My English” and “Liberty” . Julia mixes her two universes together. which is her Dominican life and her US life that she now lives. Alvarez used her signifier of literary work as a contemplation of the dictator of Trujillo in many of her novels. Latino Literature represents one of the most interesting components of American Letters.

Latino and Latina authors are bring forthing singular plants in every imaginable genre. Latinos. though. are far from being an easy definable cultural group. The bulk of Latinos are mestizos. or people of assorted autochthonal and Spanish lineage. With respect to linguistic communication. some Latinos are to the full bilingual ; others are monolingual. Therefore what unites Latinos is their race or linguistic communication. but besides their civilization shaped by the heritage they portion with Spanish-speaking states to the South of the United States. Latinos portion a nucleus heritage. their cultural view is rather complex. and many distractions exist. In the narrative “My English” that Julia Alvarez wrote is about a little’s misss household that moved from the Dominican Republic to the U. S. The girl’s household chiefly become a bilingual household. Her female parent would call on the carpet her when the small girl didn’t speak English. because the small miss would acquire picked on for talking Spanish. Her instructor would state her that there was no such words. There is another narrative entitled “Liberty. ” This narrative is about a girl’s pa conveying place a Canis familiaris that was a gift from another household. The Canis familiaris was a gift from their household allowing them use their visa to acquire across the boundary line.

So when the small girl’s male parent brought the Canis familiaris place the small girl’s female parent told her male parent that the Canis familiaris would be excessively much problem. So the small girl’s male parent convinced her female parent to allow the Canis familiaris stay. but so one twenty-four hours the small miss was playing outside with her Canis familiaris and the puppy was barking at something so the small girl went to see what it was and there were three work forces sitting at that place in black apparels. The work forces grabbed the Canis familiaris and the small miss started to state them to give the Canis familiaris back so the other adult male gave the small miss her Canis familiaris back. The miss was really shaken up and the Canis familiaris was shaken up excessively. Then one twenty-four hours the girl’s parents saw that there were a whole clump of cords coming into the house and they realized that they were being monitored by the authorities.

The girl’s parents started to pack up and caput to the U. S. were they thought they would be safe. When the household was go forthing the small miss said she wanted to take her Canis familiaris but her female parent said that it would be a batch of problem seeking to acquire a Canis familiaris from the Dominican Republic to the U. S. So the small miss was really disquieted and wanted to take her Canis familiaris so the small girl’s female parent had the girl’s aunt to come over and state the miss that she would happen her “liberty in the following universe. ” In 2009 at Neritic book Julia made a statement about the book “Liberty” . “Nothing human is foreign to the pen of a novelist or to the reader. ” Julia besides said “I write to happen out who I am. I write to understand things. ” These quotation marks mean that if you don’t understand her significances that she put into her work. so don’t attempt to judge her.

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