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That will not only be a benefit to the patients that need the services of the department; it will allow for the institution, in the near future as well as the long UN, to save money by decreasing fees paid out to neighboring facilities for the completion of services as well as increasing revenue for the institution by bring in more chargeable and reimbursable business. The expansion project will allow the unit to grow from a two (2) suite section to a four (4) suite section.

It will also add four (4) pre-procedure/post-procedure bays to the six (6) that already exist bringing the total to ten (10) pre-procedure/post-procedure bays. There is a matrix that allots for 2. 5 pre-procedure/post-procedure bays for every procedure mom that is in use, so this will be in line with the standard as needed to safely care for the patients in the GIG/Endoscope suite. The expansion project will allow for the department to become more self-sufficient and independent in the care of the patients that utilizes the services.

The patients will come directly to the GIG/Endoscope suite to check-in for procedures and this will cut the daily wait time drastically versus the current situation where the patients go to the same day procedure unit to get prepared. They fall into the mix with the other tenants waiting for service from various other departments so it almost comes to a first come first serve basis and even worse if the patient is running late.

Post expansion, the staff of the GIG/Endoscope department will always set eyes on the patients whether they are late or on time and they will not have to compete for service with any other patients from any other departments. That reduction in time will allow for more expedient service benefiting the patient, as well as more efficient service benefiting the department, both allowing for more patients o be booked daily thus increasing the yearly total of patients serviced in the department. . List all critical deliverables, timeliness, and estimated cost in a Microsoft Excel, Word table, project-specific software, etc. Be sure to associate each deliverable with its timeline and estimated cost. Deliverable Timeline to acquire Estimated cost for deliverable Two (2) additional suites 6 months Four (4) additional pre-procedure/post-procedure bays 2 months $400,000 Five (5) additional registered nurse staff members 1 to 6 months $450,000

Three (3) additional technician staff members $180,000 One (1 ) additional support staff member 1 month $45,000 Additional equipment for the two (2) new procedure rooms and four (4) new bays $800,000 Eight (8) new desktop computers and four (4) new laptop computers 2 months $25,000 Seven (7) deliverables 8 total months to complete Total The $1. 000,000 for the construction of the two (2) new procedure rooms is because of the cost associated for creating the rooms from scratch.

There are functional areas that are occupying the space currently but they have to be totally gutted, lined, pipe fitted, and wired to meet the standard of what the procedure rooms will need to be functional. The six months is the time it will take to complete this portion of the project. The $500,000 for the creation of the four (4) procedural bays is the cost associated because the construction is on a lesser scale than the rooms. There is no unique wiring that needs to be done in that area, they just simply need to complete cosmetic construction.

The total time for the project consist of the completion of these portions which are completed n succession. The other deliverables can be completed simultaneously during the construction. The nursing staff and the technician staff will take from one to six months to hire due to the federal policy and the background checks that occur. The totals associated are a combination of the salaries of the personnel. The support staff will only take one month to put in place because they will be acquired from in house and the amount associated is the salary. The rest of the deliverables i. E. He computers and the equipment make up the rest of he funding for the project and the time associated represents how long it will receive the equipment. 3. Outline the overall implementation plan. 4. Distinguish among the stakeholders’ key roles and responsibilities. The stakeholders’ for this project are the staff of the GIG/Endoscope suite, the patients that will receive service from the department, and the medical center director. The key roles of the staff of the GIG/Endoscope suite are to ensure that they have a presence in the planning meetings to make certain that the rooms that will be created meet the necessary requirements.

They also need to make sure that have constant communication with the project manager just in case they run into any problems or in case anything that was agreed upon changes. The responsibilities of the staff of the GIG/Endoscope suite are to train the new employees once they are hired. The key roles of the patients that are going to be serviced by the department are to make sure that that they arrive for the appointments that are made. Their responsibilities are to ensure that they are compliant with the instructions and guidance that they receive.

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