julius ceaser back stabbing

Multiple people betrayed Julius Caesar in multiple ways. Due to the betrayals Julius Caesar ended up being killed by the conspirators. Even after the death of the great ruler Caesar, his close friends in the group of conspirators constantly betrayed him. The constant backstabbing of his friends reminds me of a couple of examples that happened to me in my life. Being constantly back stabbed can pay a toll on your life and can change who you trust and what you think of different people. In the play, all of the conspirators plot to kill Caesar.

They plan out ways that can harm him and get him out of their way so they can take over. This is an example of betrayal that I can relate to myself. As we all know, I am a football player. Every Friday night for the past couple of months, the other team had plotted to ruin my team’s dreams of winning. This feeling may not affected others on the team like it did me, but I’m sure someone felt it just like me. As you know, I’m a sophomore. Sophomores seldom start on the varsity football team. Playing this year was a big deal for me.

It was hard to get in my head that the others were trying to ruin my dreams to play football. After it hits you it hurts, but you have to overcome it. Another example from the play is when Brutus takes his sword and actually stabbed Caesar in the back. Caesar died a very bloody death from the conspirators at the senate house. Caesar never had thought that his great friend Brutus would have betrayed him and would have been part of his death. Even though, the conspirators hated Caesar, Brutus still loved him as a friend.

The connection to my life is alike this situation in the play. I have never been literally stabbed in the back, but it hurt me on the inside just as bad as it would it if there was a sword shoved in my back. My first dog, cookie, supposedly ran away, but come to find out my mom actually hated my dog. Years have passed since cookie had died when my mom came to me and confessed she had killed my dog. If her story was true, she accidently shot my dog as she was trying to shoot the other dog cookie was fighting with.

All in all, that event broke my heart as if my mom was betraying me. Lastly in the play, Brutus betrays Caesar again after his death. Brutus makes a long speech, before Antony’s speech, saying how bad Caesar was for Rome. Brutus basically tried to persuade the citizens of Rome that Caesar would have over used or abused his power if he would have become king of Rome. If this is true no one will know because Caesar never became king, but he did become an idolized figure in Roman history.

Even though he never became king of Rome his actions and his pride made him seem that he would abuse his power and hurt Rome with his actions. I can make a connection from this part of the play to when some of my so-called friends had said many words to others about me to make me seem bad. I wasn’t dead, but I was not there so it had the same principle of me being dead. The words of their saying can really hurt. This was a meaningful betrayal because things that people spread around and a diverse setting of people believe different lies that people say about you.

All in all, people can betray you physically and mentally. In conclusion to all the betrayals that has happened, can happen, and going to happen, all can affect life in many ways. If your not careful you can easily betray friends. You may not mean to, it happens to many people in multiple ways. As you can see, the play “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” contains many betrayals, and the betrayals can be compared to the betrayals in my life that I have lived through.

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