kalashnikov case analysis assignment

It had been a major part in the revolution over the last 50 years and mainstay in the armies of more Han 50 countries. The war was fought between the US along with UK against the soviets whose major weaponry at that time was the AK 47 rifle. The US along with UK lost the war and many American and British soldiers had died. Since that time, UK and US troops have very negative perception regarding this name either it is AK-47 or Salivations. The invention of Ak-47 was glinted by patriotism rather to kill. Now, Mikhail Oscillation’s grandson Igor Ukrainians wanted to expand the brand globally with new products.

It describes Sharkskin’s mission to work n a strategy for a new line of everyday products that would become a global brand and bear his grandfather’s name. And then he started to launch Vodka adding the brand over that vodka. The main motto to launch over the brand name of Salivations is because he was so proud of the Salivations name, and his grandfather Ukrainians had been a man to hold in high esteem. Inspired by the accomplishment of his grandfather, he wanted to protect and preserve the name and intellectual property to save and brand it.

In 2003, Ukrainians and his grandfather founded joined stock vodka Company in the belief that vodka is the reflect lead product which suits the achievement of Salivations. According to Ukrainians, he had a lot of perception and thoughts to add Salivations name over vodka which are pointed below: He had an idea to make a product bearing a name that is world famous. And then he viewed Salivations Vodka as a spirit which shared during the World War II and kept the courage of a young Russian soldier during the miserable time.

And then the business started to explore under the label Salivations Vodka, a name exclusively licensed to the firm, the equines imported bottled and distributed Russian vodka as the UK and Russia were united by the friendship borne out during the World War II against Nazism. Salivations was in the favor of the idea of drinking to friendship. The product was reliable as the AK-47 and the product should equally be worthy of the fame of the gun as demanded by Salivations and thus those attributes are tried to transfer into products, using the both name Salivations and history.

But the things were not easy as it started to launch in UK. Salivations vodka took an attention and started facing controversy. Brand name of vodka got a negative impact as it was compared with AK-47 rifle invented by General Salivations which it clearly related with bloodshed, killing and violence. Apart from launching vodka, Slavishness brand image would be more effective if they attached to Machinery industry as it will suit an go with the brand equity.

They have already had a joint venture with unnamed aerial vehicles (JAVA). Their main product here will be intelligence-gathering pilots airplanes, helicopters and rheostats. This case has the two faces in terms whether the brand name as good enough or not. From the perception of Ukrainians, who wanted to save and hold the name in the future for his grandfathers great history and also add the value of the product with the achievement of his grandfather but not with assault rifle AK-47.

But from the perception in J, it wasn’t quite acceptable from them as they clearly relate the brand name with Assault rifle and its purpose which mean bloodshed, killing and violence. This case provides a compelling backdrop for discussion on brand-building, especially for an international arrest where the brand name should be positioned according to the insight and sentiments of ASK. The brand element chosen for Salivations Vodka are Salivations, logo, image and signature of Salivations, Russian Vodka as slogan, and beautiful packaging as brand elements.

Brand Elements Salivations Brand Element Selection Criteria Memorabilia Meaningfulness Likeability Transferability Adaptability Profitability Brand Name Salivations High low Logo/symbol Outlines the peace and friendship along with outline of distillery under the soviet flag since 1947 Medium Medium Low URL Character Slogan Russian Vodka Jingle AN Packaging Beautiful Crystal color bottle with black cap Medium/high The brand elements like Brand name, Logo, Slogan, and character are relevant and deliver what it intent to deliver while other brand element are not so powerful and discriminatory.

The brand name: Salivations can be associated with strength, dependability of AK-47 and a symbol of freedom but the brand Salivations is associated with strength, peace, and friendship. And hence there is discrepancies between the Salivations and Salivations Vodka. It is very official to associated Salivations with peace and friendship as he invented AK-47 rifle for battle. Similarly, the logo with laurel leaves to symbolize peace and friendship along with outline of distillery and flag of Soviet Russia is very relevant as the meaning of these symbols resonates with the brand meaning of Salivations Vodka.

Likewise, the slogan is not very powerful as it just says Russian Vodka and doesn’t illustrates more about Salivations Vodka. Rather slogan like “Russian Vodka for friendship” would make the brand Salivations more illustrative and eave it from unnecessary trouble. Furthermore, the character of Salivations himself along with his signature illustrates the originality of the brand and makes the brand more reliable. The protest for ban of Salivations was due to the fact that the name Salivations was associated with the assault rifle AK-47.

However, the image of Salivations himself and the vodka was strength, peace, and friendship. This distorted interpretation of Salivations Vodka should be sorted as soon as possible and Ukrainians should try to persuade by communicating the misinterpretation of the brand name. First, he should be able to persuade people to interpret the meaning as it is and also Ukrainians should mass communicate the meaning of brand Salivations.

And in worst case, if the ban protest continues than Salivations should negotiate for the minor changes that Salivations vodka can make in its brand elements for UK only but if they want the major change in brand element than Salivations should pull it outside of UK and concentrate more on the place where it is well perceived and welcomed. Recommendation Salivations Vodka should add more to its slogan so that the slogan also helps to void unnecessary trouble. Salivations should solve the protest issue as soon as possible.

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