kfc colonel harland sanders

1.0 Introduction

Colonel Harland Sanders, the laminitis of KFC who started functioning nutrient to the travelers in Corbin, Kentucky, United States in 1930 which so open the first eating house set name as Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952. KFC has a low start in the past but now it has become a multi-national fast nutrient corporation which has 24000 employees ( Hoovers, no day of the month ) and over 14000 eating houses ( FOXNews, 2006 ) spread over 120 states. It is said that KFC served 12 1000000s of clients per twenty-four hours around the universe and is estimated to bring forth net incomes of US $ 12 billion per twelvemonth. ( KFC, no day of the month ) The sum of poulet consume by clients for a twelvemonth is estimated 1 billion to run into its demand.

2. Dilemma from Stakeholders ‘ Positions

Spreading over 120 states and cutting across multi-cultural and multiethnic divides which make KFC confront with many quandaries. More combative topical issues which rise by assorted stakeholders around the universe will be confined in this ethic audit study.

2.1 Employee

In Hong Kong, the rewards for the parttime workers per hr is merely HK $ 16 and they were asked to rest for one hebdomad after three hebdomads working. This action is to avoid the employees from utilizing the public assistance like medical or accident insurance, unemployment or lodging benefits and even one-year holiday which will do tonss of money disbursement on these public assistances.

KFC has been paying low rewards to the parttime workers in many metropoliss in China, which found by the China labor functionaries. In China, the legal lower limit pay for an hr is 7.5 Yuan, but the parttime workers merely receive 4 to 5 Yuan an hr which is underpaid. ( Chinaethicgroups, 2007 ) This state of affairs is non merely found in Guangzhou but in many other metropoliss excessively. KFC non merely pay low rewards to the parttime workers, it besides makes the parttime workers worked like the full-time workers to avoid paying the benefits the parttime workers deserve like in Hong Kong.

There are instances that KFC did n’t delegate their workers the minimal occupation hours required and the minimal rewards deserve per month like the instance in Beijing KFC of Sun and Zhang. ( China Labour Bulletin, 2006 ) The workers ‘ rights and involvements have been harmed by KFC without any vacillation to cut down the cost spent by working the loopholes of the China ‘s Labour Law which said by Shi Fumao. ( China Labour Bulletin, 2006 )


In October 24, 2005 Monika Samaan bought a Twister in Villawood ‘s mercantile establishment in West of Sydney which so caused her to go halt and suffered encephalon harm from salmonella toxic condition. And now she is quadriplegia and holding intelligence disablement and liver disfunction which developed from salmonella brain disorder and salmonella blood poisoning. ( Kamper, 2009 ) Same state of affairs occurred in Colorado where Gianni Velotta besides infected the salmonella bacterium which about cause decease. ( Dateline, no day of the month )

In Texas, there is a instance of a adult female bought a sandwich through the KFC drive-through which subsequently found out babe roaches inside the sandwich. ( Reaves, 2009 )

In Hong Kong, the employees threw the staying poulet into the rubbish before they close up the door, if there is any client came in before the shutting clip, the employees will take the poulet from the rubbish and directly served to the clients. This action is approved by the director as the director wanted to salvage money and the employees wanted to acquire off work on clip which makes an understanding in that action. ( canon, 2008 )

2.3 Customers

Peoples presents are more concerned about their wellness compared to last clip ; this is because with a healthy organic structure, they can gain wealth without paying excess disbursals on other unrelated things like seeing physician, purchasing medical specialty and so on. Therefore, people now is more concerned on what they eat and what contain the nutrient have in it, so that they can avoid from unneeded illness.

Peoples are non merely concerned what KFC are frying, but the oil they used to fry which contained tran ‘s fatty acid. This is because fat can do tonss of illness like bosom diseases, fleshiness which might do malignant neoplastic disease, Diabetes and more. ( Brown ) Harmonizing to Centre for Science in the Public Interest ( CSPI ) , if we eat a three-piece Extra Crispy combo repast in a twenty-four hours, we will derive 15 gms of trans fat which has over exceed the trans fat a individual should hold for a hebdomad. ( RADHAKRISHNAN, 2006 )

Harmonizing to a missive written by CSPI to Federal Trade Commission, the telecasting advertizement of KFC is publicizing that eating their poulet as portion of healthy and balanced diet, nevertheless the fried poulets that contained saturated and trans fat, cholesterin and Na which are over the minimal require for a twenty-four hours, are non suited to suit inside a healthy and balanced diet stated by KFC. In this missive, KFC besides stated that there are merely 11 gms of saccharides and 40 gms of protein in their original formula poulet which is healthy for us, but the outstanding facts that clients should cognize are being covered by KFC like the sum of saturated and trans fat, sodium the poulet contained. ( F. Jacobson, 2003 )

In 1995, KFC foremost entered India and until now still in contentions thick. Harmonizing to India ‘s Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, KFC ‘s poulet contained about three times more monosodium glutamate which known as MSG, an ingredient for spirit enhanced as the act allowed. ( icmrindia.org, 2004 )

2.4 Environment Pressure Group

KFC selling their fried poulet to over 12 million people around the universe, hence poulet is indispensable for them. 1 billion of poulets have been killed by KFC merely to provide the eating houses plenty chicken to function the clients. Peoples for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA ) is the organisation protest against KFC for the inhuman treatment of genteelness and killing poulet.

There is a instance in Korea where Pamela Anderson, a member of PETA Asia-Pacific, direct a DVD and wrote a missive to Mr. J.S. Ryu, the CEO of the fast-food concatenation Korean operations, on the poulet abuses. In the missive, she urge Mr Ryu to reach the parent company of KFC, Yum! Brands headquater demanding they eliminate their providers of worst poulet maltreatments that they use a hot blade to cut off the babe poulet ‘s beak without shooting any analgesic. Not merely that, the poulet ‘s wings and leg were broken as they were crudely gathered for the slaughter.

A friend of hers at PETA investigated and found out that the poulet are bred and drugged to do them turn faster and larger irrespective the normal growing period makes them crippled as their weight is lighter than normal growing poulet and her friend besides found out that 1000000s of poulet are dunked into hot H2O armored combat vehicle regardless their consciousness. ( The Seoul Times, no day of the month )

In West Virginia, the abattoir for KFC, it has documented that the workers there are non utilizing the regular ways in butchering the poulet but tear the poulet ‘s caput off lively, stomp the poulet violently, which is barbarous and immoral. ( KentuckyFriedCruelty, no day of the month )

In India, the state of affairs is more serious than other topographic point, the PETA activists protest against KFC as there were no answer from KFC after they wrote a missive to KFC ‘s parent company. The halt poulet run was held to coerce KFC to better their domestic fowl farm because of the alleged ailment intervention of birds.

3. Relative Importance

It is evidently that the stakeholders have raised many quandaries associating to KFC as KFC has lost its ethic values in concern. Ethic values are of import in carry oning or runing a concern, this is non associating to how a concern earn their net incomes, turnovers, but how they gain the trust of the people, how they take the morality into their concern which will non impact their good will. By taking the above issues into consideration, clients and employees raised most issues and being aggravated by governments and force per unit area group.

3.1 Employees

In concern, labor has been a major production cost no affair in which district, hence keeping the labor costs and maintain the labor costs every bit low as possible is what they will make as a whole. The manner to keep a low labor cost is to use immature workers or we called as kid labor, because they can be paid lower rewards than normal workers and they cant enjoy the public assistance which every company has for workers as they do non cognize anything about the services that they can bask when they sign into an unjust contract.

Employees are entitled to hold a minimal rewards that set by the jurisprudence and the right to the public assistance a company has, but in KFC instance, employees are underpaid regardless of the ordinance set by the states and they do non hold the right to claim for any insurance, paid vacation, unemployment and other public assistances as the contract stated. Harmonizing to the deontological moralss theory, KFC is making something that is irrespective of the effects whereby the employees are immature and underpaid which is challenge to the states labour jurisprudence because the employees have the right that should non be sacrificed for the big benefits. ( Desjardins, 2009 )

3.2 Governments

In Monika Samaan ‘s instance, KFC felt understanding for the miss ‘s predicament, but said that it was non their duties. ( ABC News, 2009 ) KFC bear no duties for all the food-poisoning incidents as it is merely a little part of people ( The Sdyney Morning Herald, 2009 ) and they has comply with the ethical theory of utilitatrian. In this instance, the useful ethical theory is flaw because the issue here is non about the felicity of other people, but the responsibilties to look into and analyze the issue to soothe the feeling of the victims, non deny all the responsibilties.

As for the instance in Hong Kong, the director O.K. the action of functioning the clients the nutrients from rubbish before the shutting clip which done by the employees, this has wholly betray the trust of the clients and the scruples the director and employees should hold towards the clients. The purpose for them to make this kind of things is they want to acquire off early and the effects are non in their considerations. Their action is based on the ethical theory purposes. ( Jones, Parker, & A ; Bos, 2005 )

KFC clearly stated that no manner they will be responsible for this calamity. ( KFC Australia, 2009 )

3.3 Customers

The grounds why we evaluate clients are because they are the basic of every concern operated by KFC and they can cover immense impact towards KFC. The relationship between clients and KFC itself is unable to cut off, because without the clients, there is no net income addition and KFC would hold straight announce bankruptcy.

Not merely that, clients besides help in distributing the intelligence which indirectly assisting KFC publicize their merchandises and gain more net incomes. Therefore KFC should n’t disregard the quandary raised by clients because it is an alternate manner to better their services which can fulfill what the clients want through the theory of utilitarianism for the maximal figure of felicity. ( Desjardins, 2009 ) KFC has announced the usage of new oil, a low linofenic soya bean oil which replaced the hydrogenated soya bean oil and will be scheduled nationally in the terminal of April 2007. All fried merchandises will incorporate zero trans fat after th complete of passage. ( Emax Health, 2006 )

3.4 Environment Pressure Group

One of the major quandary for KFC is the inhuman treatment towards poulet, which has protested by Peoples for the Ethical Treatment of Animal ( PETA ) for many old ages in many different states. In Korea, from the missive written by member of PETA Asia-Pacific and a videodisk, it shows that KFC has been handling the poulet ill, cutting off the poulet ‘s beak without any analgesic, poulet ‘s legs and wings are broken as they are all squeezed like asrdin in can inside the slaughter house waiting for slaughter. ( The Seoul Times, no day of the month )

As in West Virginia, KFC has promised PETA that it was taking carnal public assistance earnestly which two old ages subsequently discovered by PETA that KFC was handling the poulet ill and amorally alternatively of handling the poulets as promised. ( KentuckyFriedCruelty, no day of the month ) In India, the protest on the inhuman treatment of poulets make by PETA was useless as KFC wholly ignore the action taken by PETA. ( icmrindia.org, 2004 )

The theory of utilitarianism was applied as KFC has yield the maximal felicity of 12 million clients where as merely 750,000 members of PETA are protesting against KFC poulet policy. Although KFC has yield the maximal figure of felicity but it failled to follow with the useful ethical theory due to the unjust and unfair. ( Desjardins, 2009 )

KFC has used the Animal Welfare Advisry Council as a steerer to mask themselves from PETA, said by Adele Doughlass, one of the resigned members of the KFC ‘s Animal Welfare Advisory Council. ( KentuckyFriedCruelty, no day of the month ) Based on deontological moralss theory, KFC put Animal Welfare Advisory Council as a steerer, which means KFC does non care what the effects the action takes, but will acquire the benefits it wants from the procedure that sacrificed others ‘ right. ( Desjardins, 2009 )

4. KFC ‘s Ethical Best Practices and Valuess

Although KFC is confronting tonss of quandary job which has brought side effects to its repute and celebrity, but KFC still keep its ain policy of doing charity to the hapless and the hungriness. Harmonizing to KFC ‘s newsroom from its web site, from September 29, 2009 until terminal of October 2009, KFC will be shuting their eating houses functioning those in demand for free, which will change over their eating houses into “World Hunger Relief Kitchens” during tiffin clip.

Yum! Trade names, the parent company of KFC is establishing an one-year World Hunger Relief run in assisting to halt universe hungriness, raise financess for United Nation World Food Programme ( WFP ) and other organisations, the consciousness and volunteerism. The ground Yum! Brand and KFC launch the run because there are over 1 billion hungry people due to catast, golbal economic downswing, demand increased from developing states in Asia and South America. KFC is taking the ethical theory of virtuousness into their concern as they provide themselves and the others the chances to make charities. ( KFC, 2009 )

Another good thing about KFC is their scholarships which known as The KFC Colonel ‘s Scholarships Program, and it has the best scholarship in the fast nutrient ironss compare with other ironss. KFC offered their scholarships every twelvemonth and it is a solid paying scholarship which paid your tuition fees and other fees like books, room and board. Every twelvemonth there are 50 to 60 appliers can acquire up to $ 5,000 and a upper limit of $ 20,000 for finishing a unmarried man ‘s grade for the post-secondary pupils within their abode province if they apply for and the scholarships are basically a charity which patron by KFC itself, its employees, franchisees and KFC frequenters.

This is a measure that help most pupils that have finance jobs which cause them to halt fostering their survey, but with the scholarship support by KFC, they can foster their surveies and in return they will assist more people who are in demands. ( ScholarshipsGrants, no day of the month ) The ethical theory of corporate societal duties apply on the above because the scholarship given out non merely from KFC itself, but the money from the populaces and it is assisting those in demands for fostering their surveies, it besides applied the useful ethical theory, which the scholarship has yield 50 to 60 appliers ‘ felicity among the appliers. KFC award the scholarship is to assist the states to acquire more gifted people in order to better the societal criterion.

5. Recommendation

The sum of MSG contained in the nutrient should be cut down every bit much as possible, although MSG can do the nutrient gustatory sensation nicer, but it is a slow toxicant that cause sickness like normal sick. The sum of MSG used in nutrient should non over the degree set by the authoritiess, this is because for the wellness of the populace.

KFC in Hong Kong should do a alteration in its directions and employees, because a company ‘s repute is build from the basic and the attitude of the employees affect the most. KFC should look into the behavior of the employees before officially employ them, this can assist to cut down the opportunities for this incidents occurred once more. Employees with good behavior and virtuousness will assist the company additions more net incomes because they give the clients a good feeling so that the clients will go on to buy their merchandises.

KFC should alter their rewards system for the employees under age or part-timer, because everything in the eating houses need employees to run, without them nil will work out and no net incomes will be gain. Although the payment to employees are a big sum, but paying them the corresponded rewards will do them work more enthusiastic and more efficiency. KFC can besides give out a fillip to the employees if the dealing for the twelvemonth increased comparison to the old twelvemonth, this helps hike the morale of the employees and makes them believe that they are worthy to the company and they will work harder for the company.

6. Decision

KFC should n’t step aside and denies all responsibilties when the incidents happened, KFC ‘s direction should stand out and take the responsibilties to work out the incidents, so that the repute will non be affected. Therefore, KFC should duplicate look into the employees, the directions, the eating houses for the cleanliness of eating houses, the wellness and safety of clients, and the ethical values a concern should hold, so that the quandary wiil notoccured once more.

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