khadija the prophet muhammad wife

Khadija Prophet Muhammad Wife (Peace be upon them) In my religion Islam, many women played important roles for the rising of the religion. Among all of those women the most important and greatest woman is Khadija (peace be upon her) the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) first wife. Khadija had a great impact in the religion and a great impact on the prophet Mohammed life. It is because of her support that the prophet Mohammed was able to face all the difficulties he had at the beginning of the religion.

She is one the pioneer of the religion and one of the greatest ladies that the religion had none. Khadija al-Kubra was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad. She was the daughter of Khuwaylid ib , son of Asad ibn Abdul Uzza ibn Qusayy. She belonged to the clan Banu and she was a distant cousin of her husband the prophet Muhammad. She was a very generous person and quite a beauty. She used to feed and clothe the poor, assist her relatives financially, and provide for the marriage of those of her family members who could not afford a marriage.

It is believed that she was born in 565 A. D and that she died at the age of 58, one year before the Hijra (migration of the Holy Prophet and his followers from Mecca to Medina) in 623 A. D. ( Yasin T. al-Jibouri, Khadidja, May 12, 1994,) , 2. Before she was married to the prophet, she was married twice but her husbands died. She was wealthy because of her two past husbands. She was a big business woman she meet the prophet through her trades. She wanted an honest business agent to trade her goods for her in Syria. And that’s when one of her uncle told her about the prophet Muhammad.

Her uncle told her about him because he was already well known for his honesty, and trustworthiness. When she hired him and he went to Syria to trade for her he came back after having made a large profit for her. That’s when she started to like him and asked him to marry her. That’s one reason why she is my favorite woman in the religion because back at that time men were the one that supposed to ask women to marry them but she asked the prophet to marry her and she was older than him. The prophet was twenty five and she was forty and she already had children from her previous marriages.

Despite the fact that she was older than him and had children the prophet agreed to the marriage and they were happily married for 15 years and had four children together before she died. Before the marriage the prophet was a common man he was not prophet yet. It is after fifteen years of their marriage that he became prophet at age forty because of the revelation he had from the Angel Gabrielle in the mountain of Hira “Read, in the Name of your Lord who created, created man from a clot, Read, and your Lord is the Most Gracious, Who taught with the pen, taught man what he did not know. Quran 96:1-5) After the revelation, Khadija was the first one to believe him and encourage him to do what the Angel told him. That’s why there is saying in Islam that’s says “Islam did not rise except through Ali’s sword and Khadija’s wealth”, this means that Khadija believed her husband and supported him when nobody believed him at that time. (Deepak Chopra, Muhammad, Harper Collins publishers, 2009), 111. She spends all of her money for the cause of the religion. She is known to be the mother of Islam because she is first person to embrace Islam.

And it is because of her that the prophet was not thrown out of mecca when he started to preach about the religion. People wouldn’t believe him because at that time in mecca there was no religion. People in Mecca believed in Idols. It is after her death that the funeral prayers (salat al janaza) was revealed to the prophet Muhammad. O soul that are at rest! Return to your Lord, Well-pleased (with Him), well-pleasing (Him), So enter among my servants, and enter into my garden. (Qur’an, 89:27-30).

It is written in the Koran that she will be the first woman to enter paradise and that she is one of the four most perfect of all women of mankind, the other three being: Fatima daughter of Muhammad, Maryam bint Umran or Mary the mother of Christ and Muzahim, wife of Pharaoh. Khadija is my favorite woman in Islam because she is one of the most respected figures in the religion. She was also a generous woman, who pioneered the religion and she believed in her husband when no one did. She also spends all her money for the cause of the religion.

In my family a lot of people are named after her even my mom. Because it is believed in my culture, when you have the name of a great person you tend to take some of their good qualities. She is my idol because she was a generous and honest woman and. She not only loved her husband dearly but she also believed in him when nobody did. And she also spends all her wealth in the name of God. She is a woman that I will look up at in my entire life. Work Cited Koran (religious book). Deepak Chopra, Muhammad, Harper Collins publishers, 2009. Yasin T. al-Jibouri, Khadidja, May 12, 1994.

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