kohlberg and carol gilligans theories

Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan is both Psychologists’ that are attempting to identify the diversity of morals upon both genders of the human race. Kohlberg and Gilligan conducted studies on young men and women. Kohlberg assessing males, while Gilligan assessing females. In the following paragraphs, I will be discussing which development I agree with, as well as the accuracy of each Psychologist’s performance, as they explain the differences between each sex.

I will make a distinction between each psychologist and how they may or may not be contradicting themselves, as well as compile enough information to comprehend if both theories may be combined. The Lawrence Kohlberg theory studies on young males and how they interact with each other as they grow up to construct their own decisions in life. Lawrence Kohlberg revises the progress through six different stages of moral development. Within the textbook pages of 24-26, the first stage of Kohlberg’s theory tells us how “It is characterized by the type of moral thinking found in elementary”.

Stage two introduces “Individualism and egoism, as the motivation for moral decision is one’s own best interest”. Stages three Kohlberg referred to as “good boy/girl” because this stage is the desire the approval of others, this meaning also follows into stage four, having almost the same meaning just additional with “societal laws and the obligations of duty”. Once reaching to the stages of five and six Kohlberg did not believe that many individuals would reach this level.

Stage five leans towards “social contract”, meaning in this stage, one must figure social independency and demonstrate the concern for the wellbeing of others. Stage six moves towards the motivation of “universal principles” and “individual conscience”, whereas Carlo Gillian noted on Kohlberg’s studies that stated, “Kohlberg’s studies involved only boys and young men”. For that reason, Gillian made his research studies more to the emotional and moral decision making toward girls and young women. Gillian’s theory discusses how the moral decision making is complete by emotional standards.

This is explaining that girls and young women are able to make their own decisions based on how others would feel about their decision making. Their choices may consist of friends, relationships, parents, teachers, etc. Therefore I have come to my moral decision to agree with Kohlberg, to realize there are certain decisions you construct by being under the influence by these different stage’s you undergo in life. By making your own decisions, you put the best interest for yourself and intellect.

Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gillian’s discussion theory accurately do show the difference between males’ and females’ approach. This discussion between males and females is more like a never ending story because we could never be certain to which decision and male or female will make its all depending on how their lifestyle has been growing up. This is why we call Kohlberg and Gillian’s discussions theories. Us as humans cannot escape ethical decision but from time to time we notice our behavior. It’s up to us to make the changes and learn. No one’s perfect this is what makes an ethically mature person.

Approaching whether the two theories are contradicting, I have come to conclusion that Kohlberg’s and Gillian’s theories do not contradict. For the reason that neither one are the same and both have different theories, Kohlberg’s discusses about the stages that young boys/young men go to make decisions and Gillian’s discusses about the emotional decisions that girls/ young women decide. Combining the theories as one would come with differences, but differences that could work with each other which benefit the Psychologist in taking notes. Joining theories would be like joining male and female.

Opposites attract and we could learn more about the opposite sex as well as understanding their decision making. As once males and females create a relationship they come to play different types of roles which do not seem to bother many couples. Males’ decision in a relationship is to be the protector and provider. Meanwhile females play their roles at the caregiver and healer of the relationship. Therefore, my topics chosen have explained themselves thoroughly and successfully discussing the differences between the decisions between males and females and how we interact with today’s society.

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