Module 2 Discussion – Studypool

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One way to gain some insight into the future of computers and technology is to study some of the work of leading researchers and practitioners – the movers and shakers. You are undoubtedly familiar with Bill Gates (Microsoft®) and Steve Jobs (Apple®) and the ongoing contributions their companies are making. There are many other entrepreneurs and visionaries who are changing our world.

For this week’s discussion, you will review and study Ray Kurzweil’s ideas and then form some opinions of your own. Watch the following video and then complete the assigned activity in the Instructions section.


Write a detailed question about Singularity and then research and share your answer using your words. Include the link(s) to your references.

  • Going forward you must post your initial response ahead of seeing replies.
  • Your initial reply should be 2-3 paragraphs in length (about 200-250 words).
  • Read your classmates’ replies and expand on the ideas of at least two of their posts.
  • Feel free to challenge ideas if you disagree.
  • Post your initial reply and responses in the rich content editor.
  • Use the attachment tool when providing documentation that supports your reply in the rich content editor.


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