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Music Sounds Around Us: Recognizing sounds is the beginning skill young children need to learn about music.

  • Go on a 30 minute (silent-no talking!) Sound Walk. Take a child with you if possible.
  • Note the different sounds – human, mechanical, flora or fauna, and of course, the many different musical sounds that surround us at all times.
  • List the sound source and think about a sound word for some of the sounds you heard—a flag might be “flapping” or make a “whap-whap” sound. Leaves might crunch and crackle or whoosh.
    Heels click or shoes thud. What kind of music did you hear, where, or on what occasion?
  1. Write a short (no more than one paragraph) sound story, poem, or haiku based on your walk and the sounds you heard.

Please create a page for the sounds you heard and another page for the paragraph.


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