* Need Comments (opinion,agreement,anything) to write down each of them ” – Studypool

I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

  • Two students designated in the “News Manager Duty Roster” will be posting management and leadership related articles here on Tuesday and two more students will do the same on Thursday of the same week. Post issues such as legal and ethical involving local companies. Propose socially responsible solutions to the issues.
  • At class the following Tuesday, the class will vote on which of the four articles to discuss face-to-face.
  • All students are encouraged to make thoughtful comments for both the Online Forum and the Classroom Discussions.
  • All posts will be reviewed and all in-class comments will be observed and scored by your peers using the rubric posted in the Blackboard folder “Duty Rosters.

* Need Comments to write down each of them “


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