Paraphrase This:

In response to Sheena Cuccia:

I liked learning about Ancient Egypt as well, I found it very interesting! I really liked your comment about how there must have been a lot of trial and error in becoming a new civilization. I didn’t think about that but I would imagine there would be since they have no one else to learn from. I also agree with you that it would be very helpful to have the quiz questions available to us after the quiz has ended. That way we could study from them.

In response to Siena Biddle:

I found Gobekli Tepe to be very interesting as well. The fact that wheat was so significant to these people is an important aspect to think about. I thought your question was great about the homes of these people and if they have been searched for extensively. Now I wonder the same thing!

In response to Megan Murphy:

I agree with you about how helpful John Green’s crash course videos have been. It is also very interesting to me how much of early history has been hypothesized because there are not many written records of it. I think it is hard to know which theories to believe and we may just have to consider them all!

In response to Carmina Tirado: 

I also was not aware of the many ancient civilizations that existed. I thought you brought up a great point about their advancements towards agriculture. I agree with you that we have to continue to stay focused in order to finish this course in four weeks.

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