Perfectionism: Harvard Success Project – Studypool

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

1. See the Harvard perfectionism project this week. Here is the link: (Links to an external site.)

2. See this post from Psychology Today (Links to an external site.)

In 1.5 to 2 pages double-spaced [always double-spaced!], answer these questions. No need for essay format on this one.

Answer these questions–

a. in what areas do you consider yourself a healthy striver?

b. in what areas does perfectionism get maladaptive for you? Schoolwork? Work? Athletics? What kinds of pressure, as cited by Bergland, contribute to an unhealthy drive to be perfect?

c. What do you do to care for yourself?

Remember to practice these things even when you don’t have time. You’ll work faster, learn better, and get the energy to finish the project or the semester.

d. What change strategies from the Harvard handout (first one, above) appeal to you most?


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