quiz history of jazz

I. Match the time periods with the Jazz styles and artists. Each letter has one best match.

            A. Hard Bop, the Jazz Messengers         B. Charlie Parker, Bebop          C. Cool Jazz, MJQ                    D. Free Jazz, John Coltrane

1. Starting around 1945

2. Starting around 1950

3. Starting around 1955

4. Starting around 1960

II. Match the names with these instruments. Each letter is used once.

    A. Piano players   B. Saxophone players   C. Trumpet players   D. Drummers

 5. Max Roach, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones

6. McCoy Tyner, Thelonius Monk, Horace Silver, Dave Brubeck

7. Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown

8. Charlie Parker, Paul Desmond, Sonny Rollins, Gerry Mulligan

III. Match the names with these descriptions. Each letter is used once.

            A.  Charlie Parker         B. Dizzy Gillespie          C. Thelonius Monk        D. John Coltrane

 9. This trumpet player was a leader in both Bebop and Cubop jazz styles.

10. This alto saxophone player influenced the course of modern jazz with his extraordinary bebop performances.

11. This Bebop composer/pianist is known for his rhythmic irregularities and syncopations, and his melodic and harmonic dissonances, including the use of the “whole-tone” scale.

12. The Free Jazz movement was led by this intense tenor and soprano saxophonist. After working with Miles & Monk, he formed his own classic quartet.

IV. Match the lettered names with the name and/or groups they are most closely associated. Each letter is used once.

              A. Dizzy Gillespie        B. Art Blakey and Horace Silver        C. John Lewis and Milt Jackson   

            D. Gil Evans, Bill Evans              E. McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones

 13. The Modern Jazz Quartet

14. Charlie Parker

15. Miles Davis

16. The Jazz Messengers

17. John Coltrane

V. Name the one letter that does not belong with the others in the given category.

18. Characteristics of Bebop: A. features mostly improvisation   B. combos rather than big bands             C. emphasis on dancing   D. faster tempos and complex harmonies and melodies

19. Characteristics of Cool Jazz: A. Restraint      B. Extreme volume and dynamics

            C. May include some 3rd Stream influences         D. a reaction to bebop

20. The album “Birth of the Cool”: A. Copied Art Tatum solos     B. included Gil Evans and

            Gerry Mulligan arrangements     C. included some 3rd stream styles   D. Miles Davis solos

21. Terms used to describe the playing of a modern jazz rhythm section: A. Piano “comping”                     B. Bass “walking”            C. guitar “goofing off”              D. Drummer “keeping time”

VI. Questions about chronological order:

22. Which jazz style is out of order in time?

            A. Swing          B. Bebop          C. Cool             D. Hot Jazz

23. Which jazz artist is out of chronological order?

            A. Louis Armstrong       B. Miles Davis     C. Duke Ellington       D. Charlie Parker

24. Which jazz style is out of chronological order?

            A. Hard Bop     B. Bebop         C. Cool Jazz      D. Free Jazz

VII. Questions from on-line assignments. Each letter is used only once.

            A. Power and Virtuosity              B. Dizzy Gillespie        C. Koko            D. String Bass              

25. What is the title of the featured song in the Charlie Parker assignment?

26. Who stepped in to help Charlie Parker’s recording by playing both piano and trumpet?

27. What are some of the reasons we still revere Coltrane’s music?

28. In the beginning and ending of “So What”, what instrument plays the melody?

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