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Article: My Son, the Prince of Fashion by Michael Chabon

It must be one page, typed and formatted as indicated on the syllabus.

Explain the following quotations and give examples from the essay.

1. “It was always Abe’s rare gift not just to stand out, and bear up, but to do those things with panache (65). (4 pts.)

2. “…though I couldn’t fathom the impulse driving my kid to expose himself, everyday, to mockery and verbal abuse at school, I admired him for not surrendering, and in time I came to understand the nature of my job as the father of this sartorial wild child: I didn’t need to fathom Abe or his stylistic impulses; I needed only to let him go where they took him and, for as long as he needed me, to follow along behind (Chabon 66).

3. Explain the vocabulary and they are related to the essay in about 3 sentences each.

Don’t just write a definition.

1. profound (64)

2. knack (64)

3. idiosyncrasy (66)


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