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read those 2 essay and answer questions below based on those essay do not make your answer long a sentence is good.

FIRST ESSAY : “Competitive Sports: What Risks Should Athletes Be Allowed to Take?”…

1-Which specific type of injuries is the focus of Jane E. Brody’s “For Children in Sports, a Breaking Point”?

2- What is one of the reasons Jeb Golinkin gives in “Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports” for why kids should play sports?

3-What is one of the groups targeted for criticism by Kent Sepkowitz in “It’s Time to Quit Ignoring Sports Head Trauma’s Very Real Dangers”?

4- What is one of the specific dangers associated with boxing that John Hardy describes in “Ban Boxing—It’s Demeaning and Dangerous”?

5- What is one of the specific categories of drugs discussed in “The Dangers of Doping” by the Public Broadcasting Service”?

6- What is one of the biggest changes in youth sports in recent years, according to “The Dangers of Sports Specialization” by the Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists?

7-What is one of the particular issues regarding concussions that Andrew M. Blecher discusses in “The NFL Concussion Crisis & The Doctor-Patient Relationship”?

SECOND ESSAY: “Freedom of Speech: Are Limitations on Our Rights Ever Justified?,” Chapter 24, pp. 543-558…

1- What does Sean McElwee say in “The Case for Censoring Hate Speech on the Internet” is one of the two aims of online hate speech?

2-What is one of the key reasons that Mathew Ingram gives as support for the assertion in the title of “Why Twitter Is Doing the Right Thing by Refusing to Identify Users Who Posted Anti-Semitic Comments”?

3- What is the key reason the ACLU gives in “Hate Speech on Campus” for its defending of “free speech for racists, sexists, homophobes, and other bigots”?

4-What does Janet Napolitano say in “It’s Time to Free Speech on Campus Again” is the best way to deal with extreme speech?

5-What is one of the specific suggestions that Christiane Amanpour gives in her “Acceptance Speech for the Burton Benjamin Memorial Award. November 22, 2016” for what journalists should do in the future?


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