reading defending slavery by Paul Finkelman and answer those questions

Defending Slavery

Answer the questions.  Copy the question and then write your answer.  Papers should be typed and 1 ½ or doubled spaced.  Cite examples with page numbers i.e. (pg 45) from the book to support your statements and opinions.  (40 points)

  1. Some scholars suggest that the exerts from Thomas Jefferson are not “proslavery” but actually show his hostility to slavery.  What do you think?  Is it possible to offer a proslavery argument while at the same time disliking slavery and wishing it did not exist?  Cite examples.

2.   Why does John C. Calhoun argue that slavery is a “positive good”?  Whom does he claim benefits from slavery?   Cite examples.

3.   The religious defenders of slavery claimed that the Bible supports slavery, that God ordained slavery, and that God created Africans to be the slaves of whites.  Are these arguments unreasonable?  How would one counter them?  How have such arguments affected our modern view of religion and race?

4.   George Fitzhugh and Josiah C. Nott stress the importance of race for defending slavery:  How do they differ on their approaches?  Are they consistent with other writings and ideas in this book? Cite examples,

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