Research Paper

Topic: Verda Freedom Welcome

This is a Research Paper NOT a Report Paper or Book Report.  I am not looking for you to solely focus on biographical information on the individual.  Once you have researched your selection, your selection should focus on why this individual is or should be significant to the study of African American Studies.  Most of the selections will be unfamiliar to you. – Think about why that is. Why are you just hearing of this individual for the first time?  Most of the selections have direct ties to the state of Maryland.  So for many of you, this research should get “personal.”

 You are to develop a well-written thesis, which makes an argument that you prove within your paper.  I’m looking forward to your thoughts and ideas about your selection and how he/she is part of the big picture as it relates to African American Studies. 

Your Research Paper should be a minimum of 5 pages (does not include documentation), but should not exceed 7 pages.  Your essay must include documentation using the MLA style.  

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