Research Paper about FireWalls

write one 8-12 page (3500-5000 words of main text) research paper on FIREWALL.

The research papers will be based on how well it addresses the historical social/economic/ technological progressions, its history, current and future applications and the social implications of those applications, and the paper’s overall thoroughness, detail, and depth.

This paper must strive to be well researched and current, citing (within the text) at least five sources published within the last two years, and at least ten sources overall. Try to avoid relying on broad general sources such as,, etc—these sources are best for supplying you with initial background information, but ought not find their way into your final paper as cited sources.

If there is a good use for such sources in your papers, it is that they are often good places to find illustrations and diagrams for your report. Students desiring good grades on their reports should anticipate going well beyond these minimum requirements. Any and all source material should be cited within the text, along with a full bibliography page at the end of the paper. 

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