Research Question

Research in History: List of Themes

Choose one of the themes listed as a basis for developing a research question. The research question should go beyond the broad topic and focus on a specific aspect.

1.     Printing in Enlightenment France

2.     European trade with China in the 19th century

3.     Pugachev’s Rebellion (the Cossack Rebellion)

4.     The Advent of Spectator Sports in Victorian Britain

5.     The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations (1851)

6.     The Balfour Declaration

7.     Enlightened Despotism

8.     Revolution and Civil War in Spain, 1936-1939

9.     Anti-slavery movement in Britain

10.  The Fronde

11.  The Rise of Methodism in 18th Century England

12.  Samuel Johnson’s English Dictionary

13.  Effects of the Enlightenment on Crime and Punishment

14.  Adam Smith and the Development of Modern Economic Theory 

15.  The Revival of Russian Culture under Catherine the Great

16.  The Church Missionary Society: The Christianization of Africa

17.  Napoleon’s invasion of Russia

18.  The Romantic Movement in European literature

19.  Failed communist revolutions of the 20th century in Europe

20.  The place of the Boer War in 19th-century imperialism

21.  Christian opposition to the Nazis in Germany

22.  Origins of the European Union

23.  Edmund Burke and the origin of conservatism

24.  Fascism in Italy, 1920s to 1940s

25.  Fashion as a cultural message in Europe, 1850-1950

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