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1.Hello Everyone,

It seems that there are different definitions for organized crime but it essentially is a group of individuals who have some kind of organization or structure and use their positions for more harm than good with a main goal of obtaining money and possibly power. Most organized crime happens in groups of possibly three or more people but that doesn’t mean they are all in the same place. Organized criminal organizations have little to no respect for the laws that govern what ever country they are located in.

There are different models but in reading it seems that the main one is a bureaucracy which has pros and cons (as with most bureaucracies). In a bureaucracy, there is more structure and different levels of leadership along with strict guidelines on who can communicate with who. Another part would be compartmentalization, having small groups of people called cells in different areas which in organized crime can be beneficial especially for police raids and such. Organized crime can also come in forms of strict ethnicity , friendship, etc.

2.Organized crime is a criminal group or enterprise that often operates with some sort of hierarchy to those involved. Often we will see different responsibilities or purposes at the different ranks or levels within the organization. Ranks levels or positions do not have to be dependent on skill and can be filled by any means whether is it skill, social connection or many other factors.

I would believe one of the most notorious examples of organized crime would be La Cosa Nostra or the Mafia. La Costra Nosa translated into english means “this thing of ours”. Often involving sicilian or italian members these organized crime rings have been around for a very long time and are very well organized with their own rules, structure and hierarchy within.

There are various models that came make up the structure of the organization and it wildly varies. It can be dependent on the type of organization whether it is strictly only peers or friends or nationality based and many other factors. There are always different types within the structures as each hierarchy is different.


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