Security Threats and Mitigation in BACnet Applications

Title:   Security Threats and Mitigation in BACnet Applications. NOTE: please write in single space. 1. INTRODUCTION (1 PAGE)·  About Industrial Control systems, then about Building Automation System

Security Threats and Mitigation in BACnet Applications

Doctoral Research Proposal Outline
Title:   Security Threats and Mitigation in BACnet Applications

NOTE: please write in single space

Firstly, About Industrial Control systems, then about Building Automation System
Secondly, About smart buildings; BACnet applications such as HVAC, lighting, elevators.

Thirdly, Security threats/ risks vulnerabilities from hardware/ physical or cyber point of view
Fourthly, About hardware security in Industrial Control systems
Further, Motivation of the research (Take the Target hack for instance, back in 2014 Target was a focal point of a cyber-attack that tried to cripple the business. The hackers used personal information of HVAC vendor to gain access. And also, China in 2013 an adversary broke into the building control system of a hotel. And the motivation of this research will be connected devices are growing and the detection also needs to be holistic.

Firstly, From cyber-physical system attack point of view
Secondly, Security threat from field level, automation level and management level in Building Automation System. Here is the link
Thirdly, Physical attacks on Building automation systems
threat model and the capability of different classes of adversaries in management, field level or automation level.

 3.       BACKGROUND (2 PAGE)

·         About Building Automation system architecture (details about each three layers; Field layer about sensors and actuators, in automation layer and management layer)
·         How does BACnet works

·         About the communication protocol;  details on BACnet MS/TP (
Firstly, About security against these attacks / Mitigation
Defense against the attacks, attack detection and prevention using different techniques to secure the BAS system from bad actors and also about energy efficiency from HVAC perspectives
Further, About securing Industrial control systems from physical layer perspective.
Also, Communication from the Building automation system box in various places around the building collects information about security and energy usage.

5.       RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS / research questions (Half page)
·         Anomaly Detection in BACnet/ MS/TP managed Building Automation Systems

·        Finally, set up the experiments, and from our initial experiment, to validate our hypothesis fully. Or what type of experiments do we need? Those questions anomaly detection using clock skew across all layers (the layers I mentioned in the background, field layer devices that include the controllers and their sensors, or actuators, and the communication protocols they used.


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