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Sikh Meditation Essay, Research Paper


Gurbani orders that while reiterating NAM one should chew over upon the Formless Lord. One should non chew over on merely painting or snap even if it is of one of the Guru ’ s. Gurbani besides forbids to chew over upon the signifier of a life individual. In support of the above cardinal rule citation, from Gurbani, if all the 10 Gurus are given below:

“ O person, meditate on NAM merely. In this mode you shall travel with honor to your place ”

Page 1254/5

“ He, who has created the creative activity and who has fashioned the signifiers, the Guru-ward, contemplate that Infinite Lord, who has no terminal and limit. ”

Page 936/16

“ Meditate and remain tranced in the Immaculate Lord who is Self-Dependant, being Formless does non eat anything and is Fearless. ”

Page 1332/14

The fan should non chew over on any thing else except the above mentioned entity because all others are perishable and lone NAM is imperishable and of all time ageless. In Sidh Gosht ( Discussions with Sidhs ) the Sidhs put a direct inquiries to Shri Guru Nanak Dev:

“ Whom should one deem pervading here and at that place? On what one should chew over so that head may unify in head itself?

In reply to this inquiry Shri Guru Nanak Dev Says:

“ One should hold the one Lord pervading here and at that place ( with in and without ) . O ’ Nanak by obeying True Guru ’ s will the fire ( of desire ) is quenched. ”

Page 943/6

When the fire of desire is quenched the head merges in to the of all time ageless Go. In Jap-jee Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Dev says that those who have experienced the phases mentioned in the four stanzas of ‘ heaving NAM ’ and four stanzas of ‘ obeying NAM ’ they become the chosen and about them Guru Nanak Says “ the chosen centre their attending on one God alone. ”

Page 3

There are merely a few pairs of Shri Guru Angad Dev in Gurbani. He says:

“ They, who meditate on NAM, they depart ( from this universe ) after seting in labor.

O ’ Nanak their faces are brilliantly illuminated ( in the tribunal of Lord ) and many acquire emancipation along with them i.e. by populating in their company and chew overing on NAM. ”

NAM means that All powerful world-created. All pervading, Fearless, Revenge less, Immortal entity who is unborn and Self-Illuminating. Shri Guru Arjan Dev defines NAM as under ;

“ NAM created and sustains all the animals

NAM created and supports the parts of the Earth and systems …

NAM created and supports all the universes and domains ”

Page 284/11

Shri Guru Amar Das Says:

“ O ’ Silly psyche, meditate on one Lord entirely and you shall traverse ( the world-ocean ) in an instant. ”

Page 1169/6

The above citation clearly implies that lone speculation on one Lord would assist in traversing World Ocean. Meditation on anything else would non assist in traversing world-ocean and would maintain the psyche edge to creative activity. Shri Guru Amar Das further says: –

“ Meditate on NAM of the Destroyer of wickednesss merely the destroyer of sins. ”

Page 509/16

“ One should chew over on NAM and deep NAM in the head. But this understanding one obtains from the Guru. ”

Page 568/15

The True Guru tells his followings to chew over on NAM but false gurus tell their adherents to chew over on some thing else and misdirect them. So one should be beware of them.

“ Chew overing on NAM, the destroyer of Sins, o ’ my psyche you shall obtain honor in the Lord ’ s tribunal.

All your misbehaviors and wickednesss shall be erased and you shall be rid of self-conceit and self-importance ( Ego is the parent organic structure from which lecherousness, wrath, greed, fond regard and pride spring up. By chew overing on NAM even this parent organic structure would be destroyed ) . ”

Page 1419/2

“ I am a forfeit unto those who meditate on the Formless Lord – Destroyer of the Sins. ”

Page 91/9

Those who do non chew over on the Formless and meditate in something else, which is a portion of this creative activity, they can ne’er recognize their ego. Shri Guru Ram Das Says:

“ O ’ my psyche contemplate the Fearless Lord, who is true, True, and of all time True. He is Revengeless Immortal entity. Unborn and Self-Illumined.

O ’ my head dark and twenty-four hours ( continuously ) meditate on Form less and Self-sustained Lord. ”

Page 1201/15

The fan has to declaim and contemplate NAM and has to chew over on NAM it self cwhich has to chew over on NAM it self which has been defined above.

“ O ’ Destroyer of the Sins, who meditate on you,

O ’ beget the Lord, those individuals live in peace in this universe.

They get emancipated and liberated who meditate on You.

O ’ Sire God. Their Yama ’ s nose is cut.

They who meditate on the Fearless, the Fearless Lord, all their fright is shaken off.

They who serve, they who serve my Sire God, They are absorbed in the personality of Lord God.

Slave Nanak is a forfeit unto them. ”

Page 11/14

“ He who calls himself a adherent of the great True Guru should lift early and meditate on God ’ s NAM. ”

Page 305/16

Shri Guru Arjan Dev orders:

“ With in your head meditate on the Ever-Eternal, All-mighty, Immortal entity. ”

Page 1121/8

In Salok Sehskirte Shri Guru Arjan Dev explains the qualities of a saint as under:

“ His instructions is repeat Lords NAM Meditate on the All-pervading, All competent Lord. Deem hurting and pleasance like and asopt an immaculate and unimic all manner of life. ”

Page 1357/9

“ O ’ Nanak, meditate on the supreme Lord, who has blessed you with life. ”

Page 321/12

Fans should non chew over on any other entity except the Supreme Lord. Shri Guru Arjan Dev is a forfeit unto them who meditate on the Limitless-Lord. ”

“ Nanak is of all time a forfeit unto those who meditate on the Limitless-Lord. ”

Page 709/2

A direct inquiry was put to Shri Guru Arjan Dev as to what he meditated upon. In reply he says:

“ Within my head I meditate over the imperishable entity and twenty-four hours and dark Remember him. ”

Page 1101/11

Shri Guru Teg Bahadur the 9th Guru besides says the same things that meditate on God. Citations given below: –

“ Within your head enshrine his NAM who praises the Vedic literature and Purana ( Hindu spiritual Bibles ) sing. ”

Page 220/14

Shri Guru Gobind Singh the ten percent Guru says:

“ ‘ Narad ’ , fourmouthed Brahma and ‘ Rumna ’ Saint all sung his congratulationss. The Vedic literature and the katebs ( Religious Bible of west i.e Koran, Bible, Angeel and Toorait ) could non grok wholly and all failed to happen his, bounds, Indra, the hubby of uma ( name of a faery ) could non cognize his bounds and the ‘ Sidhs ’ and their leader ( Gorakh nath ) and the saints meditated on him.

Meditate on that entity in your head whose limitless power is permeating throughout the creative activity.

Some believed in Brahma ( God of birth ) and some say Shiva ( God of decease ) is the Lord.

Some say Vishnu ( God who feeds ) is the hero of the creative activity, by declaiming his name Crores of wickednesss are destroyed.

O ’ sap think about it thousand times that ’ s all ( of them i.e Brahma, Visnu and Shiva ) leave the psyche after decease.

Meditate on him and enshrine him in the Crore of your bosom who existed in past, exist now and would of all time be in future. ”

“ Remember the Ever-Awake, Pure-Knowledge ( God ) twenty-four hours and dark and without that one ’ the head should ne’er believe of another.

The psyche should hold complete religion that he exists and lobe him from the nucleus of the bosom and should ne’er believe in fasts, Gravess and deras ( central office or subdivision central offices ) of different religious orders. One should non believe in Teeraths ( alleged faiths topographic points on the set of the river etc where people wash their organic structures to allegedly destruct their wickednesss ) , giving alms, feeding animate beings and other methods of commanding different variety meats of the organic structure and ne’er care for any one else except that one God.

If that Almighty, Pure-bliss ( God ) is experienced in one ’ s mind so that adult male himself become Pure and should be accepted as the Pure-one. ”

“ Whatever the Lord told me personally that I say to the universe.

Whosoever meditates on the Lord would travel to celestial spheres.

“ Those who meditate on you daily after acquiring up, they are existent saints. At longlast they would acquire emancipated and obtain God. ”

“ Don ’ t meditate on any one else. Don ’ t reiterate the name of any one else. Meditate on the Supreme ( God ) .

“ Your countless wickednesss would be destroyed. ”

“ Who so of all time meditated on you NAM O ’ God agonies and wickednesss ne’er went near him. ”

“ Those who meditate on others ( except God ) they continue to indulge in unneeded treatments and in this mode waste their lives. ”

“ O ’ God ( I pray that ) I should ne’er chew over on any on else except you. Whatever I desire I must ever acquire that from you. O ’ God. ”

In the pairs get downing with the words “ I bow to One God who was in the beginning i.e. of all time before creative activity, Shri Guru Gobind Singh has sung congratulationss of the formless God and in the terminal says, “ Who so of all time has meditated on that entity with individual mindedness and has ne’er forgotten Him of all time for a minute, he got emancipation from the clasps of decease and would ne’er come in to beings again. ”

Those friends, who meditate on the pictures of the Gurus, say that Gurbani says that adherents should chew over on the Photo of the Guru and cite the undermentioned lines:

“ Meditate in your head on the ‘ Moorat ’ ( Photo ) of the Guru and teach your head with the word of the Guru. Enshrine the ‘ charan ’ ( pess ) of the Guru in your bosom and ever bow to God. “ Those friends who preach speculation on the life Guru they quote the undermentioned lines from Gurbani:

“ The best entity to chew over upon is the ‘ Akal-Moorat ’ ( of all time populating personality ) of the saints.

Let us see the above two citations. In these, the words ‘ Gur ’ ‘ Moorat ’ and ‘ charan ’ have been used. It is an recognized fact that in every linguistic communication, one word can hold name significances and right significance of a word is known by analyzing the context in which it has been used. For illustration we have a word ‘ Dhan ’ in Punjabi. It means, ‘ wealth, ‘ married woman ’ and even highly respected.

We will hold to match it one of the above significance as per the context in which it has been used. If a individual knows merely one significance of a word ‘ Dhan ’ and uses that intending ever without caring for the context the learned would handle him as a sap and likewise the word ‘ Gur ’ ‘ Moorat ’ and ‘ Charan ’ have other significances and do non ever intend Guru. Photo and pess severally. But if one know merely one significance of these words he would ever utilize that intending without caring for the context. For illustration if we say ‘ God ’ while speaking with a Kashmiri he would ever believe of ‘ fish ’ as in Kashmiri linguistic communication fish is called God. Similarly, if a Kashmiri says God, intending fish, to an English knowing individual who does non cognize Kashmiri linguistic communication he would believe about ‘ God ’ the Creator. This confusion consequences from the fact that Kashmiri does non cognize English and the other individual does non cognize Kashmiri they take their ain significances for the word God. Similarly, our friends know merely one significance of the words i.e. Gur means Guru, Moorat means Photo and Charan means pess. Let us analyze other significances of these words as used in Gurbani, Shri Guru Arjan Dev gives the definition of Guru as under:

“ Gur is Almighty, Gur is Form-less, Gur is beyond the comprehension of head and wisdom, us unfathomable and Limitless. Ineffable are the congratulationss of Gur. How can one state the congratulationss ( of Gur ) . ”

Page 52/17

“ The Gur is the Gifter, Gur is Almighty and Omnipotent, Gur is All-pervading. Gur is the Supreme Lord, the Transcendent Master. Gur floats ( saves ) the submerging i.e. emancipates from the clasps of creative activity.

There is no 1 at par with the Gur. I have searched and all the universes. ”

Page 49/17

“ The Gur is ubiquitous Lord. The Gur is the Merciful Master, the Gur is the Ever-Eternal Creator, ”

Page 218/8

“ The Transcenendant Lo

rd and the Supreme Master is Himself the Gur. Meditate Day and dark ( continuously ) on the Gur.”

Page 387/15

“ The One Supreme Lord who is permeating in all is the Gur. ”

Page 53/5

“ My true Gur is Ever-Eternal and Immortal. He neither is born nor dies. He is Imperishable Almighty Lord and pervades amongst all. ”

Page 759/8

“ The Gur is the Gifter, the Gur is the Home of Peace, the Gur is the visible radiation of three universes ( Earth, skies and nether universes ) . The Gur is the Immortal Entity O ’ Nanak and by holding faith in him ( Gur ) from the nucleus of the bosom, topographic point is obtained. ”

Page 137/15

“ The Gur is Pure visible radiation ( cognition ) . The Gur is Unfathomable and Cryptic. By functioning ( i.e. obeying instructions of the Gur, the cognition of the three ( Earth, skies and nether-words ) is obtained. ”

Page 1125/11

The above citations ( at Page 137/15 and Page 1125/11 ) are of Shri Guru Nanak Dev. He has used the word Guru merely for the Limitless, Supreme Master, Formless Lord ( God ) and the staying Gurus have besides used this word for God. In all the above citations, the significance of the word ‘ Gur ’ is clearly God.

Now we examine the significance of the word ‘ Moorat ’ . Moorat means Photo, Person, entity, being and even word. Bhai Gurdas says, “ Guru ’ s Photo is the word of the Guru. In Mool-Mantar ( Fundamental learning specifying God ) the Formless Lord ahs been defined as Timeless Entity ( Akal – Moorat ) Akal Moorat means Deathless timeless Reality, Entity. Shri Guru Arjand Dev says:

“ His sight ( experience ) is fruitful. He is Unborn and self-illumined. He is immortal ( Timeless/Deathless ) Entity ( Akal-Moorat ) who ne’er perishes. ”

Page 1088/13

So the word ‘ Moorat ’ besides means entity as mentioned in above citations. Now we examine the significances of word ‘ Charan ’ .

This word has many ; significances but it is most normally used to intend I ) pess of the organic structure and two ) to intend word, instructions, Guru ’ s order or Guru ’ s waies. These significances are given in the encyclopedia of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ( Mahan Kosh written by Bhai Kahan Signgh Nabha ) . It is necessary to associate a personal incident here. Once a Sikh bookman who used to chew over on the Photo ( picture of Guru ) , sais to “ Please wear ’ t attach different significances ( to the word ‘ Charan ’ ) by illations. Bow at the Lotus pess ( charan ) of the Guru clearly means at the pess of the organic structure of the Guru. So one should chew over on the Photo and enshrine pess of the Photo ( painting ) of Shri Guru Nanak Dev in the head as Gurbani orders ‘ Enshrine pess ( charan ) of Guru in the bosom, “ The writer replied:

The writer:

If we accept that the word ‘ charan has merely intending ‘ pess of the organic structure ’ so harmonizing to following lines of Shri Guru Nanak Dev:

“ Eradicate self conceit from within thee and stay affiliated to ‘ Charan ’ of the Guru. ”

Page 61/7

Then once more, Shri Guru Nanak Dev says:

“ ” He enshrines the ‘ moorat ’ of True-Guru in his head and attains the blessings which he desires. ”

Page 661/14

Harmonizing to these lines besides ; if we take the significance of the word ‘ moorat ’ merely as Photo image, Shri Guru Nanak Dev must hold a Guru ; in physical signifier.

Hearing this the Sikh bookman got perplexed. The writer explained that if we accept that ‘ Charan ’ merely means pess of the organic structure and this word has no other significance, so we will hold to accept that God has pess & A ; so as a physical body/form which is against the cardinal rules of Gurbani, ‘ God ’ as defined by Shri Guru Nanak Dev is Gorm0lexx.the Sikh bookman:

God, being formless can ’ Ts have pess and the word ‘ Charan ’ has non been used along with God in Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

The writer gave following citations from Gurbani in which the word ‘ Charan ’ has been used along with the word ‘ God ’ :

“ By staying God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ in the head, the wickednesss of many births flee ’

Page 197/3

“ Enshrine God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ in your bosom and head and you shall traverse the awful ocean ( of creative activity ) . ”

Page 197/15

“ Have the prop of God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ in your head and you shall be rid of birth and death. ”

Page 198/7

“ God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ he places within his head.

O ’ Nanak such a individual attains to the comfortable Lord ( God ) .

Page 274/12

“ Within you mind sing the God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ O ’ adult male.

Ever pondering, reflecting and chew overing on the Entity ( moorat ) which is the incarnation of cloud nine and peace ( means Entity of God ) you shall be comforted. ”

Page 1300/5

“ Repeating God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ , I am a forfeit United Nations to HIM ”

Page 827/6

” Repeating God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ I got emancipated. ”

Page 779/2

“ Chew overing on the God ’ s Lotus ‘ Charan ’ , O ’ Nanak all the chaps in the company are saved. ”

Page 1360/16

“ Though the Guru ’ s Word ( Gurbani ) which is the mine of gems, the God ’ s ‘ Charan ’ are meditated upon. ”

Page 1318/8

“ I dwell ( meditate ) on the God ’ s lotus ‘ charan ’ in my ; ; head.

Page 714/11

“ I have the support of God ’ s lotus ‘ charan ’ . ”

Page 618/16

The writer said that in all the above citations the word ‘ charan ’ has been used along with the word God. Are the pess of the organic structure ; if we take this significance of the word ‘ charan ’ of all time sung or repeated/ recited. Then God is Formless. Merely body signifier can hold pess. How can the formless have pess. The Sikh bookman got highly perplexed and agitated and with a spot of wrath asked the writer as to which intending he attributed to the word ‘ Charan ’ in the above citations. The writer said, “ Who am I to impute significances. The significances which Satguru ( True Guru ) has given to this word in Shri Guru Granth Sahib I will reiterate merely that which I s as under:

“ Enshrine the ‘ Charan ’ in the head is enshrining the ‘ word ’ of true Guru in the head. Nanak has clearly under stood this ( rule ) ” .

Page 680/13

“ Bowing with regard at the Nelumbo nucifera ‘ Charan ‘ ( of Guru ) is that one should consider on the virtues of the world-creator. ”

Page 679/4

So the word ‘ moorat ’ means Entity ( of God ) , and ‘ Charan ’ means word ( of true Guru ) . I told that Sikh bookman, with due regard, that many times one does non see other significances of a peculiar word and so understands the significance of the word falsely and based on that forms a peculiar thought which is non right. It is a natural rule that when one hears another idea, which is opposed, to the thought that he has formed so differences of sentiment emerge. All of us have to go adherents of the True Guru ( Shri Guru Nanak Dev ) and non of our ain froward or self-conceived thoughts. The Sikh bookman agreed with the above account but said that God is Formless and can ’ t be seen and how can one meditate on Him. The writer replied that to chew over on God, we need non acquire aid from any other beginning even from the system of Yoga developed by Shri Patanjal and we should acquire counsel merely from Gurbani. We should ne’er depend on Yoga and its different positions, systems of speculation and ‘ Samadhies ’ as described by Sh. Patanjal the conceiver of Yoga. Gurbani tells a really consecutive and simple method of speculation, which is as under:

“ O ’ head meditate on NAM of the Destroyer of wickednesss ( God ) and you shall obtain honor in God ’ s tribunal. Repairing your attending of the Guru ’ s word ( Gurbani ) you shall obtain all the fruits that you desire. ”

Page 1313/14

The above citation answers the inquiries that how can one meditate on the Formless really clearly. The reply is that to chew over on Formless God you fix your attending on the Guru ’ s word ( Gurbani ) . So we should maintain our head in the significance of the word ( s ) or lines of Gurbani which we are hearing reading or vocalizing. In this mode we should travel our head along the words/lines of Gurbani which are being repeated and the head would stay captive in the word ( God and word is one and so the head would stay captive in God. This is the manner to chew over on Formless God ) . By chew overing on God in this mode with the aid of the ‘ Word ’ ( Gurbani ) one would get down gaining God.

“ Deliberate over the Guru ’ s word and in this mode meditate on HIM. ”

Page 740/15

So one should chew over on God through the Guru ’ s Word ( Gurbani ) i.e. by repairing one ’ s purpose in the

‘ Word ’ .

“ Through the Guru ’ s Word ( Gurbani ) great contentment wells up ( in the head ) and 1s ‘ attending is absolutely attuned to the Lord. ”

Page 682/19

“ By hearing ( NAM i.e. Gurbani ) with purpose in the word ) one procures the speculation of the Lord. ”

Page 3/2

Now we examine the followers lines which are quoted by those who meditate on the Photo or image of the life Guru:

“ Akal moorat hae sidh saanten kee Thahar niki dhian ko. ”

Page 1208/7

Those who say that one should chew over on the Photo/image of the Guru they place the coma, while explicating the above citation, after the word ‘ kee ’ and state the citation means “ Immortal image of saints, is to be meditated upon. ” So they place the coma, while construing this citation, at a incorrect topographic point and deduce the above significances. These significances go against the cardinal rule of speculation laid down by True Guru about which legion citation ’ s have already been given. If the coma is placed after the word ‘ Moorat ’ the significance of this citation is as per the cardinal rule of speculation laid down by True Guru the citation would intend:

“ Immortal Entity ( moorat ) i.e. God, is the empyreal topographic point and is meditated upon by the saints. ”

In the terminal the writer wants to state that the true Guru ( Shri Guru Nanak Dev and other Gurus ) had forbidden his followings to bow before the graven images and to pay abesience to graven images of different divinities and we are once more going graven image believers and go forthing the worship of the Formless God. Even in our historical Gurdwaras ( Sikh spiritual topographic points ) pictures of the Gurus, which are non even correct/True are being displayed and many fans foremost bow before such pictures ; as these are many times outside the sanctum-sanctorum, and after that wage bow to Shri Guru Granth Sahib. To bow before the pictures, even of Gurus and to chew over on paintings/images/Photos of the Guru is against the rules of Gurbani. The Gurus ne’er allowed any organic structure to do their pictures during their life times. Supposing a painter, who has non of all time seen your male parent, makes a picture of your male parent, brings it to you, and says that this picture is of your male parent, would you accept this?

Even if a exposure is a existent 1. Even so, to chew over on that exposure is against the rules of Gurbani. If this sermon, that Photo/image of the Guru is to be meditated upon is non checked stopped it would take us back to idol worship and we would endure due to ignorance. Gurbani says that all people see the True Guru one is non liberated unless he understands the Guru ’ s word and lives harmonizing to the instructions given through the word. The relevant citation is as under:

“ All the person in the universe see The True Guru.

But simply by seeing the True Guru on is non emancipated unless one reflects on the guru ’ s word ( Gurbani ) ” .

Page 594/11

Shri Guru Nanak Dev was seen by many people but merely those were emancipated who obeyed his instructions, which are given in Gurbani. Two boies of Shri Guru Nanak Dev, who saw him twenty-four hours and dark, were non emancipated. They refused to obey the Guru ’ s instructions. If by seeing the True Guru 1 could acquire emancipation so Shri Guru Nanak could non hold said:

“ Some say Nanak is a Satan, some say he is imbalanced the some call him a helpless man. ”

Page 991/

Shri Guru Nanak Dev is stating his personal experience & A ; says that many people talk ailment of him & A ; even abuse him.

The rule laid down by Gurbani is that by seeing the existent physical organic structure of a true Guru one can non acquire emancipation from the clasps of Creation, unless one obeys the True Guru ’ s instructions. If by seeing the physical organic structure of the True Guru one can non acquire emancipation, how can the pictures of the Gurus conceived by the painters, give the coveted fruits.

Experience the True Guru with aid of Gurbani entirely.


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