South africa: MUST HAVE THE BOOKS heart of redness and/ or The death will arise by peires

I need to submit a 5 to 8 page essay:

Essay template:

I paragraph  I = Intro

I introduce the subject  & the book

All intros must have a thesis statement

Body of essay

Body paragraph – begins with a topic sentence

Topic sentences announces the topic of the para- connects the topic in para to the thesis statement

Evidence from reading


There should be 6 good para in the body of essay


Summing up your evidence with the thesis

Further considerations

174 – 180  dead will arise

also: attached there are some questions in a different attachment that must been answered.

Must have evidence from the book and be turned in on time.

This is only for people who can actually read the book or have read the books before.. but they need to have at least one of the books or both to complete my assignement so whoever that do not have it does not qualify.

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