study guide

  1. Name 2 ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) contributions to art.
  2. What is an icon? Why is it important to the ROC believer?
  3. When did Russia become Christian? Why?
  4. What happened with the ROC during the era of the Golden Horde?
  5. Who was Saint Sergius?
  6. What did Peter the Great do to the church?
  7. What did Lenin and Stalin do to the church?
  8. What happened during WWII to the ROC?
  9. What is happening today in the church?
  10. What are some legislation that affects religion in Russia today?
  11. What is the percentage of ROC believers in Russia?
  12. What is the second most popular religion in Russia today?
  13. 1.      Does Putin support the ROC?  .

  14.    I   Is Putin baptized? 

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