The freezing point of water is 0.00 C at 1 atmosphere. A student dissolves 13.40 grams of copper(II) iodide , CuI 2 ( 317.4 g/mol), in 155.0 grams of…

The freezing point of water is 0.00°C at 1 atmosphere.  

A student dissolves 13.40 grams of copper(II) iodideCuI2 (317.4 g/mol), in 155.0 grams of water. Use the table of boiling and freezing point constants to answer the questions below.

SolventFormulaKb (°C/m)Kf (°C/m)Water H2O0.5121.86Ethanol CH3CH2OH1.221.99Chloroform CHCl33.67Benzene C6H62.535.12Diethyl ether CH3CH2OCH2CH32.02

The molality of the solution is?

The freezing point of the solution is?

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