us china relations essay research paper after

US China Relations Essay, Research Paper

After instead drawn-out dialogues between the United States and China, there has

been a trade understanding reached between the two states. China has agreed to

enter into the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) . This along with U.S. Deputy

Adjunct Defense Secretary Kurt Campbell? s visit to China in an effort to

patch dealingss damaged by the U.S. bombardment of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade,

marked a good series of events for U.S. and Chinese dealingss. The article besides

shows that the relationship between these two states still needs work which

can non be done with easiness. A century ago, the U.S. fought off rival states in

a conflict for economic influence in China. The twentieth century began with U.S.

Secretary of State Jon Hay reasoning that whoever understood China? has the key

to universe political relations for the following five centuries. ? Yet, harmonizing to the article,

foreign policy experts agree that most Americans see what they want to see.

Harvey Sicherman, President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute put it

nicely in the article, ? The form of our policy toward China is a series of

semblances punctuated by unpleasantries. ? Professor Michael Hunt, an historiographer

of U.S.-China dealingss points out, ? We truly put a batch of hopes in China,

we do this repeatedly, and they? ve truly been crushed. They are so much an

look of our ain demands and our ain expectations. ? Take the thought of the

China market. One Far-Eastern expert proclaimed at the terminal of the last century,

? No other market in the universe offers such huge and varied chances for

the farther addition of American exports. ? Take that remark with this one by

the U.S. chamber of Commerce about the recent advancement made, ? This is truly a

landmark chance to open up China? s huge market to American companies. ?

These outlooks could be unsafe, points out the writer. The market might

non even happen into what many are foretelling it to be. To accomplish the

? dream? of a billion-plus consumers of American merchandises, China will hold to

raise the mean income of its citizens which is no easy or short-run undertaking.

Such alterations can non go on overnight, China? s move toward a market economic system

will necessitate? systematic betterment? at all degrees of society harmonizing to

the writer. One of the grandest semblances of Western Policy has been the

concluding that it can single-handedly alter China. For more than a century

Western missionaries, business communities, and advisors have come to China believing in

their? high quality? over the state. This haughtiness was present because they

possessed advanced proficient accomplishments and a sense of moral rightness. These

Westerners thought they should be welcomed and listened to instantly. When the

Chinese went their ain manner, these same Westerners felt betrayed by the full

state of China. The writer points out a specific illustration of this occurring in

1949. When the Chinese Communist forces eventually took over the mainland and

established the People? s Republic, many Americans engaged in a witch-hunt over

who had? lost China? , as if China was a thing that could be lost and besides as

if the United States had any control over the fate of such an antediluvian and

thickly settled state. A key to this historical haughtiness is the American thought that

market forces can quickly transform an autocratic authorities into a theoretical account

democracy. U.S. trade negotiants still argue the current trade treaty between

China and the United States will assist the Chinese achieve, in their words,

? greater freedom and greater planetary prosperity. ? Robert Dallek, a foreign

policy expert and presidential historiographer, says? Americans frequently think the terminal

of such development is something that looks like the United States. ? This is

an thought that goes manner back to the nineteenth Century. Harmonizing to Dallek, ? Chinese

motion toward democracy may ne’er come about or even come near to what we

believe it should be. ? And if it does, ? It will be their sort of capitalist economy,

their sort of democracy. ? The writer? s points seem clear in that although

much advancement has been made in recent hebdomads, there is still a batch of work to be

done. Yadong Liu, a former functionary in the Chinese Foreign Ministry, agrees with

the writer and does non see China? s recent development as taking to the terminal

of struggle with the United States. He emphasizes China? s patriotism by

claiming that, ? Both the leading and population in general are still

driven by desire to reconstruct China to what it was 100s of old ages ago, ?

before it was dominated by a series of foreign powers, including the United

States. The writer thinks of this patriotism as more of a? ego defensive?

signifier of patriotism. It seems as if anything happens, whether it is big or

little, it can easy annoy the Chinese if they believe it is contemptuous or

mortifying towards them. This helps to explicate why the U.S. bombardment of the

Belgrade embassy touched off a figure of protests against the United States. For

Americans, says the writer, ? The danger is that we become excessively mesmerized by

our ain success. ? And by making so, ? We miss the worlds that really

form the future. ? He makes it clear that if we expect excessively much out of this

current trade understanding, it will merely set off implementing it to the full. The

writer? s points can be used when looking at trade covering with China in a

concern and market state of affairs. Although much advancement has been made, it is still

up in the air as to who got the better trade. If finally U.S. houses are able

to export or sell their merchandises to the full Chinese population, there are

limitless possibilities. With a monolithic population, and a better economic system on the

manner, China would be and ideal location to sell your merchandise. This still remains

to be in the hereafter harmonizing to the article. It will take some mending of

issues for the Chinese to even see the U.S. for major importation and

exporting. Time will besides find if China will of all time make their end to hold

an equal trading relationship that the U.S. has with other states around the

universe through the World Trade Organization. Article # 2 The article starts out

with an image of Chan Yinmiao, a carpenter sitting by the side of the route on a

Beijing flyover, waiting in the air current for work. When the writer mentioned the

breakthrough trade trade his authorities struck with the United States late,

Chan brightens up. Chan? s household lives 100s of stat mis off in eastern China

where they cultivate rice. He hopes the trade trade will open up moneymaking export

markets particularly for their harvest. ? The more the market opens, the more

chances we? ll have to do money. ? Chan claimed. Obviously this

exhilaration sing the new trade trade extends beyond those who hope to mensurate

its benefits in dollars, cents, and improved trade figures. The trade did tag a

major milepost in China? s run to fall in the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) .

Some have hoped that entry in the trade group that makes the regulations for universe

trade will besides spur betterments in human rights, legal reforms, and

finally, advancement towards a democratic authorities. The writer grounds that an

economic gap will hopefully convey about a political gap in a state

urgently in demand of both. Besides, a free and private economic system forms the base for

a democratic system, so it will do China? s authorities and legal system

evolve toward democracy. President Clinton and his protagonists have argued that

turning trade, foreign contacts, and the World Trade Organization? s regulations on

just competition will open markets and legal procedures will assist convey China

closer to other international states. A major portion in the trade between China

and the U.S. involved the investing of China? s telephones and Internet

webs, non allowed under the initial trade, but will do both webs

cheaper and available to more Chinese, therefore increasing the sum and flow of

information throughout the universe. Other, more societal alterations could happen because

of the new trade are, more Western films will convey more new thoughts, more foreign

attorneies and business communities who will anticipate Chinese tribunals to implement contracts

could progress regulation by jurisprudence, instead than by administrative officials. Besides, foreign investings

will make more new occupations, offering a wider scope of employment chances.

Wang Shan, a political observer and writer believes that the Chinese leaders

hold non clearly considered the societal alterations that entrance into the WTO could

bring, ? They are non sufficiently prepared for the force per unit areas on Chinese

society, ? he said. ? Chinese leaders feel that come ining the WTO will advance

Chinese exports, open up universe markets, and attract investings. But Americans

feel that one time China enters this system great alterations will happen in Chinese

society, including political and societal changes. ? The writer goes on to

express other concerns that the Chinese have about this new entryway into the

WTO. Specifically that trickle-down civil rights betterments through increased

trade will come excessively easy and that foreign authoritiess will hold to coerce

China over its human rights record to convey about deeper alteration. Lin Mu, a

erstwhile adjutant to former Communist Party leader Hu Yaobang, elaborates on the

topic of societal alteration, ? It? s an idle dream for the American authorities to

believe it can better the human rights state of affairs with economic cooperation. ?

The article once more

displacements to other possible drawbacks that China? s new

rank to the WTO could keep within it. Initially occupations could go scarcer

as ailing province houses and inefficient household farms give in to the new foreign

competition. China? s state-run media has been selling the WTO trade to the

public all along, but does officially acknowledge that 1000000s of people could be

thrown out of work, including more than nine million people associated with

agribusiness. And even though China has negotiated for WTO entry for 13 old ages,

its societal security system remains really unworldly. With these factors

combined, certainly there will be a rise in the already common worker? s protests

that have prompted a constabulary cleft down on such incidents. A major point the

writer shows in the article is the issue sing the development of

workers in China. Long-run labour militants fear that because the Communist

authorities prohibitions independent trade brotherhoods, occupations generated by increased foreign

investing could take to this greater development of the workers. Already tough

and insecure mills prevail in states all over China. In the state of

Guangdong which is the southern economic human dynamo that handles forty per centum

of China? s foreign trade, the rights of the worker has extra significance

because the state stands to profit rather nicely through the WTO entry. Han

Dongfang a seasoned Chinese labour candidate who lives in forced expatriate in Hong

Kong because China won? t let him return to the mainland sums up the issue on

worker development, ? You can state they provide occupation chances. But the

people who work there are non? people? , they? re? labor. ? They have no

rights to talk out about their conditions, rewards, or benefits. ? It? s clear

that the writer wants to stress that working conditions in China will non acquire

better, but perchance even acquire worse. He clarifies that without the right for

workers to put up brotherhoods, occupation chances brought by the WTO could turn

workers into slaves. Under those conditions, there is no manner that anyone can

claim that the WTO will in any manner benefit human rights in China. In footings of a

concern point of view, this article shows how the trade between the United States

and China could stop up bring forthing more bad imperativeness for human rights in China.

Harmonizing to this article, the cons surely outweigh the pros sing

China? s new rank into the WTO. American companies believing about trading

with China should decidedly give notice to the production installation every bit good as

the constitution of employees in order to do certain they are non being

exploited. The development of workers does non sit good with anyone in the

United States, and any correlativity between your company and a company that

offers no rights to its workers could intend backdown of investors, workers, and

most significantly consumers. Article # 3 This article focuses on China? s current

president, Jiang Zemin, and the function he played in China? s recent understanding

with the United States to fall in the World Trade Organization. The understanding made

with the U.S. will open China to liberate international trade for the first clip in

history. Along the manner, the 73 year-old Jiang had to practically? move

mountains? of conservative resistance in China where he is seeking to alter

the relationship between Beijing and Washington DC. The trade was unprecedented

for China, but had equal importance to Jiang himself. Jiang dealt with the

United States in a profound manner, waiting for United States President Bill

Clinton to name him twice before endorsing the trade himself. When American

negotiants arrived in Beijing, Jiang kept his distance from the treatments,

alternatively he sent Premier Zhu Rongji to work out the inside informations. Once the trade was

signed nevertheless, Jiang kept with his emperor outlook and assumed direct contact

with the negotiants. An advocator of engineering, Jiang seems to be the right adult male

for China traveling into the twenty-first century. Yet he doesn? T rather have the imperial

position in the eyes of the Chinese. In Beijing, the WTO jubilation was ill

choreographed and lacked a certain illustriousness to it, and Jiang? s address

didn? T hold the people? s attending for long at all. Despite these defects,

Jiang clearly strives to be every bit imperial as he can perchance be, possibly fall in the

ranks of suck emperors as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. But in China? s long

history, an Emperor needs to animate awe, with a small spot of fright mixed into

his topics. Jiang International Relations and Security Network? t rather there but undertaking such a big topic as

universe trade is a good topographic point to get down. Jiang is non one to get down interrupting up the

full system nevertheless which he leaves to Premier Zhu. It was Zhu who traveled to

the United States in April in an effort to strike up negotiations refering WTO. He

failed merely because the White House at the clip thought it would be

? politically unwise? to subscribe such an understanding at that point in clip. Jiang

merely sat back, gained concessus back in China, and so awaited for President

Clinton to near him. It was through this consensus that Jiang had

established that the dialogues were a success. The writer? s chief points

concern Jiang and his quandary. The quandary that he is a captive of the Chinese

Communist Party that he is prima 50 old ages after its revolution. The

communist party is one that is empty of vision, worried about unrest, out of

touch with the younger coevals that concerns itself more with money than

political orientation. It seems that the harder Jiang attempts to affect the citizens of China,

the less interested they become. He surely acknowledges the fact that

economic development is need in China, but being unfastened politically is merely merely

non an option he has. Even instantly after the WTO trade was signed, members of

Falun Gong, a banned speculation cult were being arrested. It is clear that Jiang

wants to assist China prosper, it might merely take a little longer than he had

hoped. The World Trade Organization or WTO has its central offices in Geneva,

Switzerland. It presently has 135 states with rank. The WTO is the

replacement of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade formed in 1947. Once

limited to goods, the WTO? s purpose has been extended to include rational

belongings and trade in services. The organisation? s undertaking is to administrate and

enforce the trade understandings made by member states, guaranting the flow of goods

and services. Its opinions are jurisprudence among all of its members. In footings of a

business/market state of affairs, here is a dislocation on who got the better trade

between China and the United States. In Telecommunications, China will allow

telecom houses, including U.S. giants such as AT & A ; T, have new, though still

limited entree to its domestic market. The victor in this instance are the U.S.

telecom houses by a long shooting. They will be able to sell their voice and informations

services to the Chinese which is a immense market. In agriculture, China said it would

cut duties on farming goods to less than 15 % by the twelvemonth 2005. That should give

many Chinese entree to new nutrients from all over the universe. Farmers in the U.S.

will be the victors in this regard because they can anticipate to sell much more to

China. In the steel industry, China agrees its state-owned and subsidised steel

industry will non dump dozenss of inexpensive merchandises onto important U.S. markets. There

truly in no clear victor in this understanding, China will sell more inexpensive steel

overseas while U.S. houses will still hold to vie universe broad. Finally, in the

fabric industry the Chinese fabric workss will be able to sell their merchandises

anyplace around the universe. China is clearly the victor here, in this regard the

WTO is like a dream semen true. For the U.S. workss, the inexpensive Chinese exports

will be a incubus. Conclusion The World Trade Organization is traveling to bring forth

many chances for the full state of China. For the first clip in its

history, China will be able to portion its resources and receive resources from

all around the universe. The lone error we can do sing this state of affairs is

to force our ( the U.S. ) democratic positions upon them while we trade with them. The

political relations in China will non alter overnight and they likely will non alter in

the following 10 old ages. It is highly of import that we respect that China will make

what is best for itself throughout the class of trading, which I believe it

will make. Another major concern affecting China and the WTO is the issue of

worker? s rights. Attention has to be kept in respects to this touchy topic,

but once more, the universe must recognize that it can? t impose moral Torahs every bit good as

trade Torahs in a different state. I hope that China does concentrate on the bettering

of working conditions and I besides hope that the bulk of occupations, particularly

agricultural, can be saved in some manner. I believe that China will win in

this new trade understanding, and hopefully the remainder of the universe can profit as

good. It might be unsmooth traveling at first, but merely because it will be new to such

a historic and old state as China. I realize that old wonts are peculiarly

hard to interrupt, but I am confident that under President Jiang Zemin, that China

will thrive economically and socially under this new understanding.

Shapinsky, David. Unchanging China. November 20, 1999.

Leicester, John. WTO Entry Mixed Blessing for China. Associated Press. November

21, 1999. McCarthy, Terry. The Imperial Dragon. Time Magazine. November 29,


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