Using the documentaries Mom’s Apple Pie and Last Call @ Maud’s, write a historical context for the Dykes to Watch Out For comics.

Using the documentaries Mom’s Apple Pie and Last Call @ Maud’s,write a historical context for the Dykes to Watch Out For comics. For example, you could find a strip in DTWOF that exemplifies an issue discussed in Mom’s Apple Pie, then give the comic strip’s title and page number as you explain the context of the issue. 

1. So to restate, use specific text references as you explain the connections between ONE DTWOF comic strip and Mom’s Apple Pie.

2. THEN pick an issue discussed in Last Call at Maud’s and also find a comic strip that is connected in some way to this issue. Also explain these connections and remember to cite the comic strip’s title and page number. Remember, the explanation of the issue deserves several sentences; indeed, this is the most important part of the paragraph. 

3. What did you learn about lesbian culture from these materials?

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