Video Questions – Andrew Marr’s History of the World: Age of Plunder Thesis amp; Marr’s Introduction to Age of Plunder 1.

Video Questions – Andrew Marr’s History of the World: Age of Plunder

Thesis & Marr’s Introduction to Age of Plunder

1.    What is Marr’s thesis statement concerning the “Age of Plunder” – you may need to write it at the end if you are uncertain from the introduction.

2.    What evidence does Marr give to back his thesis?

3.    Who capitalizes on the wealth of a new world economy?

European Exploration

4.    What did Europeans use as an excuse to plunder and attack the Native American tribes?

The Native Americans rejection of Christian beliefs.

5.    What are the 3 things that defined Europe’s relationship with the Americas?

Religion, Conquest, and Slavery.

6.    Why did the majority of the Native American population die shortly after the arrival of the Europeans?


Protestant Reformation

7.    What ruled the lives of the majority of average Europeans in the early 16th century?

The Catholic Church

8.    What was an indulgence?

Printed certificates for the absolution of sins

9.    What invention helped spread the ideas of the Reformation?

The printing presses

10. What was the unexpected negative consequence to the beginning of the Protestant reformation?

A social revolution, and a war between the protestants and the Catholics

Spanish Role in the Americas

11. How much would Spain’s plunder of the America’s be worth today?

10 trillion dollars

12. How did Spain use (spend) its plunder? 

It gilded its churches and palaces and spent the rest on religious war

13. What crops made a greater contribution to the history of the world than gold? (name 3)

Potatoes, Maize, and tomatoes

The Rise of Russia

14. Who is credited as putting Russia onto the world stage? How did he do it?

Ivan the terrible

15. Why did fur become a necessary commodity during this time period?

There was a miniature ice age

16. How long did it take the Russians to conquer Siberia and create a empire that stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean?

60 years

The Rising Sun – Feudal Japan

17. Who did Tokugawa Leyasu align with to help him build a Japanese fleet? (give the name and country of origin)

William Adams of England

18. What caused Christianity to be banned in Japan and subsequently caused Japan to close its doors to trade and the outside world?

In 1615 Japanese Catholics supported a rival to leyasu, in the siege of Osaka

19. How long did Japan remain closed off to European trade?

More than 200 years

Asian Markets

20. What was the most highly valued spice from Asia into Europe?


21. What was the world’s first multinational corporation?

The east India company of London

22. How were the Dutch able to overtake the Spanish and Portuguese in dominating global trade?

The Dutch merchants joined together in companies, and reinvented their earnings in more ships and more expeditions. Until they had the biggest navy on earth

23. What are examples of status symbols?

Fashion paintings and porcelain

24. Where was the first stock exchange created in 1607?


25. What commodity represents the rise of capitalism in Amsterdam?

The willingness to speculate


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