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The first assigned MCN video is Shane. Shane is 8 years 8 months old. He began speech therapy at age 4 with multiple misarticulations. He has remediated all sounds except the /r/ sound. Shanes articulation treatment includes traditional articulation therapy techniques and oral motor exercises.

Notice how Molly reviews with Shane the purpose of the activities. She reinforces correct productions in spontaneous speech as they come up.The use of the sucker appears to help his awareness of where his tongue needs to be for correct productions. Molly incorporates his school work into the session by having him identify /r/ words as he reads his report. Our focus is not to discuss the treatment methods at this point but try to align our Speech Sound Disorder definitions with what you are seeing. Where does he fit?

After you watch, answer the following questions within MCN

For the 2nd video you will watch Fox. Notes from clinician. I recently started speech therapy with three little boys. All were late talkers. The youngest, WL., was two years, four months, the next, Fox., was 2 years, 8 months, and the oldest, JJ. was 3 years, two months old. The little boys began speech therapy within three months of each other. I saw each boy by himself with a parent watching. The boys demonstrated receptive language within age-appropriate expectations but were all well below age-level expectations in sentence length, speech intelligibly, and in their ability to imitate sounds, single syllables, and especially two syllable phrases. The first two were not really talking. W. was using just a few single words and was relying on gestures, vocal expression, and his parents to make his needs known. F. was using 10 to 20 fairly clear single words but had really no clear or useful two-word utterances.

After you watch, answer the following questions within MCN


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