What present-day states were formed out of land that was part of the original 13 states?

More than 13, I can promise you…

New Hampshire. Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Massachusetts and Maine (from Massachusetts).

New York and Vermont (from New York).

Pennsylvania and Delaware (From Pennsylvania; Delaware was never actually a colony in its own right and at various times “belonged” to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia).

New Jersey. Maryland.

Virginia is a weird one, as its shifting land mass has yielded Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and possibly Indiana and Illinois. (It also, in early colonial times, encompassed the Carolinas and probably Georgia, but they were long gone by 1776.)

North Carolina and Tennessee (from North Carolina).

South Carolina.

Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi (from Georgia).

By the end of the Revolutionary War, the former colonies extended to the Mississippi River, but did not include Florida or the city of New Orleans. Possibly, they included parts of present-day Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, but these comprised the wild frontier and parts of these states were not US territory until the War of 1812 concluded. These boundaries were pretty ill-defined.

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