What was the goal of the American Colonization Society (ACS)?

The goal of the American Colonization society was to liberate slaves and send them back to Africa.

The reason they wanted to send the African Americans back to Africa was so that when they were freed, they wouldn’t have to compete for jobs.

This Society was around during the late 1700s and early 1800s. There was a clash between the almost anti-slavery North and the pro-slavery south. It was not the time of , though, but these clashes did lead up to the eventual Civil War.

During this time, the American Colonization Society was founded by people such as Robert Finley in order to free slaves and send them back to Africa. They wanted to do this to free the slaves, but they didn’t want to compete for jobs, houses, etc. with the African Americans, so they decided the best way was to send them back to where they came from–Africa.

Although their intentions might have been thought good, the African Americans did not want to leave America. Most of them were born in America and they would feel almost foreign in Africa. All they wanted was to have the same rights in America as the ordinary white man.

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