World History

Write an informative article describing how feudal Japan and feudal Europe are both similar and different. Remember, your goal is to teach museum visitors how feudal Japan and Europe compared. Your article should include:

  • a minimum of two paragraphs
    1. similarities and differences between how feudalism formed in medieval Europe and Japan
    2. similarities and differences between feudal society in medieval Europe and Japan (ex. social hierarchy, bushido versus chivalry)
  • at least five of the key terms listed below
  • a concluding statement that summarizes your main points
  • feudalism
  • bushi
  • shoen
  • fief
  • rural
  • urban
  • emperor
  • shogun
  • daimyo
  • samurai
  • peasant
  • artisan
  • merchant
  • king
  • lord
  • knight
  • vassal
  • serf
  • hara-kiri
  • bushido
  • chivalry

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