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In this discussion, watch the videos and read material about discriminatory mascots. Native Americans are not the only group that has been used as mascots. Read the articles below and search on your own for more information. Be sure to cite any article or video you use for information.

Write one original post of at least 200 words

What is your experience with the “Indian Mascot” debate?     

What are some  of the most compelling arguments for   and against the use of Indian imagery as sport teams mascots?

Has your perspective n the debate changed after exploring this topic? (Explain why or why not)

Redskins, Sambos, and Whities – Racism in Sports Mascots (Links to an external site.)

15 Racist Brand Mascots And Logos That Make The Redskins Look Progressive (Links to an external site.)

How ‘Indian’ mascots oppress (Links to an external site.)

Timeline: A Century of Racist Sports Team Names (Links to an external site.)

http://www.onenewspage.co.uk/n/Sports/755blwyhi/Adidas-is-paying-schools-to-drop-racist-Native.htm (Links to an external site.) (video) 

 Americana Indian – Nancy Marie Mithlo (Links to an external site.)

The following is the Dahkota Brown video,

“Missing the Point: The Real Impact of Team Names on American Indian and Alaska Native Youth” (Links to an external site.)

ADDED October 29, 2016:

Ohio cheerleaders display “trail of tears” banner before game with Native American mascot (Links to an external site.)

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