You have to have read the book Michael H. Hunt, The World Transformed: 1945 to the Present. 2nd ed. (ISBN 9780199371020)

Read Aimé Césaire, Discourse on Colonialism or Nasser On Revolution or select chapters from Nehru’s Autobiography or find portions of a work by Mao or Ho that explicitly deal with anti-colonialism).

Write a 5-6 page paper, in accord with the following guidelines.

1. Start to think of the work in terms of the previous document analysis assignment.  How does this document reflect the state of the world between 1950 (when it was first written) and 1956 (when the final edition was issued)?

2. If you accept that colonialism was in general a negative phenomenon, indicate where you disagree with Césaire’s analysis. Draw on your own experiences of colonialism or post-colonialism, evidence drawn from the text book and your own personal viewpoint of the relationship between the Imperialist and the colonial world.

3. You might want to try to argue that colonialism was not an entirely negative phenomenon. Perhaps some good things were exported to the colonized countries.  There also seems to be some conscious efforts on the part of the developed nations to develop policies and strategies to deal with the “Third World Problem” (this unfortunately has only been alluded to in chapter 5 of the textbook).

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